Scheduling and Resource Management for Cruise Lines

Lee Clarke of Dynama recommends 6 areas to improve customer service and business performance in today’s cruise industry using Workforce Optimisation technology

Dynama’s latest White Paper outlines how cruise lines can improve guest satisfaction and business performance by focusing on six key areas”

— Lee Clarke, General Manager US/EMEA, Dynama

LONDON, UK, December 6, 2018 / — The global cruise industry is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. In a climate of increased consolidation and regulation, cruise companies around the world face a complex set of challenges when it comes to managing their vast crews and keeping their passengers safe. Optimising crew and resources, achieving economies of scale and winning market share in one of the world’s fastest growing leisure sectors are key objectives in the sector and yet the sheer scale of managing cruise ships may make them seem unattainable.

All too frequently, the volume of information and process challenges involved in the industry can have a potentially damaging impact on customer service and negative commercial implications. At the same time, these challenges present significant opportunities for cost control, service improvement and strategic performance when the issues are overcome and effective resource optimisation is implemented.

So how do cruise lines overcome these challenges and turn them into positive opportunities? Dynama’s latest White Paper outlines how to improve guest satisfaction and business performance by focusing on six key areas.

Focus on the areas that matter
Success lies in deploying the latest automated Workforce Optimisation (WFO) solutions to alleviate the biggest pain points. Here are six critical areas that deserve immediate attention:

1. Optimal Resourcing – use the latest WFO technology to gain 360° visibility across deck, engine and hotel crew from one single integrated system. Having all critical information in one place provides control in an information-intensive environment, making it easy to create, maintain and change schedules quickly and efficiently.
This gives management time to focus on revenues and minimising risk while crew members can devote themselves to improving the guest experience.

2. Cost Control – ensuring the right crew are on the right cruise ships at the right time with up-to-date medical and travel documentation is critical but expensive. In fact, crew travel expenses are one of the biggest costs for cruise lines. The good news is that even small changes can amount to multi-million-dollar savings. The latest WFO solutions integrate with HR and travel systems to enable joined-up logistics planning that keep crew moving, with the best flight and hotel deals available. Furthermore, sophisticated functionality enables ‘what if’ scenario planning including budgetary analysis alongside full demand planning and compliance management before a single dollar is actually spent.

3. Compliance – with international best-practice standards and legislation it is essential to ensure the safety of crew and passengers and minimise the risk of heavy penalties for non-compliance. Automated WFO systems provide the hard evidence necessary to demonstrate compliance with these regulations by capturing, storing and reporting on a ship’s end-to-end compliance activities at the click of a button.

4. Staff Engagement – in a highly competitive industry, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is a constant challenge. Use workforce optimisation to create a virtual library of crew skills then tap into the data to develop meaningful training programs and career paths. Empower and motivate staff further by adding self-service capabilities. At a glance, crew members can view their schedules, see who they are working with, trade shifts with colleagues and request time off at any time and from anywhere in the world.

5. Change readiness – is a valuable attribute. Constantly changing operational and industry demands put immense pressure on scheduling and resource management. Fortunately, WFO solutions consolidate and analyse big data in a highly dynamic way, enabling managers to build efficient, flexible schedules for today and tomorrow. Spotting trends and variances in demand and in real-time, improves proactive decision-making and boosts business agility.

6.System Interfacing – effective scheduling and resource management depend on harnessing the right information from the best applications available rather than forcing existing systems to integrate with each other. The latest WFO solutions interface with most of the leading ERP and HR systems as standard, enabling easy information exchange for core financial, HR and payroll requirements. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), today’s technology also reduces capital expenditure and simplifies the IT implementation and management procedures associated with traditional on-premise infrastructures.

Focus on these six areas, do them well to create a future-proof scheduling and resource management framework that keeps everything ship-shape. To find out more or to download Dynama’s latest White Paper entitled “Scheduling and Resource Management for Cruise Lines” visit

Lee Clarke is General Manager US/EMEA at Dynama

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2019 – The Year of Green Action – Eagle HotShot’s LTL Shipping Supports Greener Freight Shipments For All

Transporting small structures

Containers, Structures, LTL transportation

Transporting vehicles

The new year is fast approaching, companies and individuals are busy budgeting for the new year, looking for ways to save money and get things done efficiently.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2018 / — With the new year fast approaching, companies and individuals alike are busy budgeting for the year ahead, looking for ways to save money and get things done more efficiently, Additionally, there has been a growing awareness for all matters that are related to the environment, sustainability, and for corporations to focus on becoming as ‘green’ as possible.

Saving Money, Saving Hassle, and Doing Your Share for the Environment!

LTL Shipping is extremely effective in helping to reduce the number of trucks needed to make deliveries. Less Than Load Freight will transport products that do not take up the full capacity of a truck. This means that more individual shipments can be carried on a single truck.

Eagle HotShot now uses intelligent scheduling tools that optimize all shipments; this technology now enables the company to move more goods to more customers in a highly effective manner. It also enables a highly flexible operation, that is cost-effective and better for the environment.

Following a recent expansion into LTL Shipping from Eagle HotShot, they are now transporting as far as both coasts to and from the Midwest. This offers immense capabilities to businesses and domestic clients alike. It also helps with the cost of shipping with the added reassurance of dealing with a trusted and highly professional trucking company that is used and rated by hundreds of existing clients.

LTL Shipping Explained

With traditional shipping, a load would be placed onto a truck and delivered. Even if the load only took up part of the truck, the client would be charged in full for the total cost of the truck, and despite their being room for more, this space would be wasted.

LTL Freight is where multiple loads are combined in order to create what is referred to as a multi-stop truckload. The costs to send goods via LTL shipping are lower than traditional shipping because prices are dependent of the space being used, along with the distance traveled, and the individual classifications of the items in transit.

With LTL, you can get expedited, standard, or guaranteed shipping options; you can also get other special shipping services such as internal pick-up and delivery, lift gate delivery or pick-up, reclassification or reweighing.
Clients get the same range of freight shipping options, at a lower cost, using a method of shipping that has a significantly lower environmental impact.

LTL Freight Shipping is The Greenest Shipping Option for Companies

Eagle HotShot has been able to demonstrate a huge range of benefits to clients considering LTL or other forms of shipping. Here are just a few:

Environmentally Friendly – Fewer trucks on the road and optimized delivery and pick-up schedules result in a reduced footprint on the environment.

Lower Cost Freight Services – Because shipments are charged individually based on the portion of space they use, you pay less than the full cost of a truckload.

Suited for Business and Domestic Shipping – Both types of customers benefit from LTL. For smaller shipments that do not need an entire truck, clients get a highly professional service and dependable shipping service.

About Us: EagleHotShot is an Oklahoma-based trucking company that provides a reliable, honest, and cost-effective range of HotShot Trucking services to commercial and domestic customers. Focusing foremost on the needs of the customer, they are a trusted and dependable name in the HotShot Trucking sector.

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The Job Auction and the Facilitation of Freedom

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

The Job Auction

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, December 5, 2018 / — As a global brand, The Job Auction knows the importance of freedom and maximising the potential of each of its users and clients when it comes to finding gainful employment is the sole focus. Anticipating the needs of those who choose to use it is what a site like The Job Auction does best.

At its core, it is a jobs board, an online marketplace to barter for work and make connections with other professionals. The Job Auction can be used to host any number of positions from every industry imaginable. You will find what you want as long as you know what you want.

The site provides freedom for its users to achieve in any sense they want. The platform is there to make sure that any limits are set only by the users themselves. The role of the auctioneer is, in a sense, rendered pointless on this platform. There is no mediating force that tells you what you can and cannot bid for or accept. It’s all down to you.

Posting listings for tasks or even advertising your own skills are free for the first two weeks and the packages you can pick are made specifically to cater for the needs of everyone economically. Non-profits can list themselves and whichever tasks or jobs they would like for free, now and forever because The Job Auction doesn’t believe in making a profit out of non-profits.

The levels of influence and therefore aid you can get from The Job Auction team is entirely up to you, meaning freedom to achieve is on offer as is freedom from constraints.

The CV Clinic, a place where you can have a team of experts advise you on how to tweak your CV for public consumption and the blog and its multiple articles on every nook and cranny of the jobs market are there for any advice you might need before venturing off into the world of job auctioning.

The way TJA defines its options is also a critical component to its success. The options of ‘Tasks’ and ‘Skill Auction’ make it so the pathways are widened and what constitutes work is entirely up to the user. The other users can then bid on the auction. The prime selling point of the platform is that with an auction nobody goes any higher or any lower than they are willing to go. Nobody is strong-armed into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Just like a regular jobs site, employers can fix the rate at which they are willing to pay and as such the functions users are used to can be put in place in the concept of auctions aren’t to their liking. In a sense, The JA has everything you could need from a jobs board. It bestows power ergo freedom to the users if that’s what they choose and if not they can use its more traditional settings.

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Global experts gather to discuss increasing cyber threat to our railways

4th Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit February 19th and 20th Amsterdam Netherlands

Cyber Senate captures key thought leaders and works to share information. Cyber Senate is a highly valuable organization and we are pleased to support the good work they are doing.”

— Chris Blask, Former Chair, US ICS ISAC

AMSTERDAM, SCHIPHOL, NETHERLANDS, December 5, 2018 / — Taking place at the Crowne Plaza in Amsterdam-Schiphol on the 19th and 20th February 2019, the event will see security specialists from around the world gather to discuss how to manage the ever-evolving cyber threat to the world’s railways as Internet of Things (IoT) technology becomes increasingly integrated with operational infrastructure.

The Rail Cyber Security Summit is a two-day executive forum for IT and OT security professionals organised by specialist cyber security event company, Cyber Senate. The event will include case studies and presentations from global cyber subject matter experts, representatives of passenger and freight rail operators and infrastructure managers. It will also feature in-depth discussion sessions with leading rolling stock and signalling systems suppliers, to collectively address the security challenges faced across the rail 4.0 supply chain.
Key topics on the agenda include:
The integration and convergence of IT and OT
• How to manage and mitigate the risk of cyber threat
• Managing supply chain and third party risk
• Identifying and addressing blind spots
• Innovations in detection and mitigation
• Configuration management
• Incorporating resilience into information systems
• Critical control system components
Speakers already confirmed for the event include:
• Lies Alderliester, Chief Information Security Officer, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)
• Arjen Boersma, Manager CIO Office, Prorail
• Israel Baron, Head of Cyber Security Department, Israel Railways
• Oliver de Visscher, Chief Information Security Officer, Infrabel
• Christian Schlehuber, cybersecurity expert, DB Netz AG
• Claudio Cassarino, Managing Director, Metro service Denmark
• Sverre Kjenne, Executive Vice President of Digitilization and Technology, Bane NOR
• Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik, Chief Information Security Officer, NSB Rail
• David Tapia Santamaria, Cyber Security Engineer, CAF

Discussing the event James Nesbitt, organiser of the event and founder of Cyber Senate said: “Merging the latest IoT technology with operational technology has the potential to be genuinely transformative for our railways, however, it is not without risk.

“2015’S Project Honeytrain – a ‘honeytrap’ exercise which attracted 2.7 million cyber attacks to a virtual rail infrastructure in just six weeks – showed just how considerable the appetite is for attacking our railways in this way.
“And with hackers becoming more ever more sophisticated, it is essential that those working in the industry ensure that they stay one step ahead – optimising the technical performance of often neglected rail infrastructure and taking a ‘macro’ view, which considers the many risk channels facing rail infrastructure, including supply chains.
“This event will give those working in and around the industry the knowledge they need to ensure they have the right tools to incorporate resilience into information systems, critical control system components and business processes throughout their organisation.”
Location: 19th-20th February 2019 at the Crowne Plaza in Amsterdam-Schiphol Planeetbaan 2, 2132 HZ Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Find out more:
Join the Rail Cyber Security LinkedIn group here:

Notes to editors
The Cyber Senate is part of IoE Events Ltd (Internet of Everything!).To find out more, email

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The Cyber Senate
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Arecont Vision Costar Expands Sales Coverage with Bongiorno and Associates

Bongiorno & Associates Join AV Costar as new Manufacturer’s Reps

Arecont Vision Costar Total Video Solution

Arecont Vision Costar Total Video Solution Components

Its a whole new Arecont Vision Costar

Skilled Manufacturer’s Representatives Added by Arecont Vision Costar for US Northeast and NY Metro Area

Costar Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CTSI)

The new Arecont Vision Costar is a strong fit within our product portfolio. Our team is already engaged with new opportunities throughout the region”

— Rob Bongiorno, NYC Metro Principal for Bongiorno and Associates, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2018 / — Arecont Vision Costar, the leader in network-based video surveillance solutions, announces the addition of Bongiorno and Associates, Inc. as a new Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative. The company will provide additional sales resources to the Arecont Vision Costar team in the North Eastern United States, including the New York City Metro Area.

“The Bongiorno team brings expertise in security and related industries with long-standing relationships with key VARs and Architect & Engineering firms,” said Kyle Parker, Vice President, Americas Sales. “I am very excited to add Bongiorno to provide enhanced sales support to our partners across New York and the Northeast region.”

Bongiorno and Associates, Inc., headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, is well positioned to support and grow sales activity with customers and partners throughout the North Eastern US, and in particular the NY metro region. The company is focused on representing leading vendors in the audio/visual, data communications, and security industries. With a team of 10 sales representatives, Bongiorno will be a force multiplier for the region.

“The new Arecont Vision Costar is a strong fit within our product portfolio,” stated Rob Bongiorno, NYC Metro Principal for Bongiorno and Associates, Inc. “Our team is already engaged with new opportunities throughout the region thanks to the complete video solution that the company brings to the professional surveillance market.”

“I am truly excited to add the team of experienced sales professionals that Bongiorno and Associates offer to the region,” stated John Bujarski, Senior Sales Director, Eastern US and Canada. “The addition of this skilled group will greatly benefit our customers and provide outstanding support to our partners.”

Bongiorno and Associates, Inc. can be found online at or by calling +1.732.750.1520.Visit Arecont Vision Costar online at to learn more, or find sales contacts around the world at

# # #

Arecont Vision Costar, LLC, a Costar Technologies, Inc. company (OTC Markets Group: CSTI), is the leading US-based manufacturer of high-performance IP cameras and video surveillance solutions. The company offers two complete megapixel camera families – the MegaIP™ series includes Made in USA, cyber-secure MicroBullet®, MicroDome®, MegaBall®, MegaDome®, MegaVideo®, MegaView®, and SurroundVideo® models, plus the world-class ConteraIP™ series dome and bullet models. Both camera families offer single- and multi-sensor choices that are integrated with the ConteraVMS™ (video management system), ConteraWS™ (web services), and the ConteraCMR™ (cloud-managed video recorder) series for traditional or cloud-based video surveillance solutions as part of the Total Video Solution.

Arecont Vision Costar supports integration with leading 3rd party products through the Arecont Vision MegaLab™ and via ONVIF compliance.

You should not place undue reliance on any forward-looking statements contained in this press release. The Company assumes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect actual results, changes in assumptions, or changes in other factors affecting forward-looking information, except to the extent required by applicable laws.


Jeff Whitney / VP Marketing / Arecont Vision Costar
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Dole Asia Holdings Partners with Consus to Drive Sourcing Cost Efficiencies

Consus global partners with Dole Asia

Consus global

To bring new levels of efficiency to sourcing and procurement operations.

HUA HIN, BANGKOK, THAILAND, November 30, 2018 / — We are delighted to announce the formation of our new partnership with Dole Asia Holdings (DAH). Dole Asia Holdings is one of Asia's largest producers and marketers of high-quality fresh fruits and a worldwide leader and innovator in the production and marketing of high-quality packaged fruit and healthy snacks.

“Dole Thailand, a subsidiary of DAH, was looking for a partner to help drive cost savings & transparency in our procurement functions. While these being two primary factors – we also did not want to overlook quality parameters. After having Consus onboard, not only has the procurement lead time reduced but we have also seen an increase in our supplier base leading to better negotiations, resulting in better cost savings and lower operational expenditure,” said Simon Denye, VP & MD, Dole Thailand Ltd.

“Ivalua’s robust sourcing solution clubbed with our category expertise has helped Dole Asia Holdings discover new suppliers as well as reduce cost across multiple categories. We are humbled that Dole Asia Holdings has partnered with us look forward to working with them in bringing new levels of efficiency to their sourcing and procurement operations.” said Madhuri Govilkar, VP & GM for Consus Global, South East Asia.

About Dole Asia Holdings
Dole Asia Holdings is one of Asia's largest producers and marketers of high-quality fresh fruits and a worldwide leader and innovator in the production and marketing of high-quality packaged fruit and healthy snacks. Learn more at

About Consus Global
Consus is a global procurement solutions integrator and services provider. With offices across Malaysia, Philippines, India, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA and Canada, Consus collaborates with customers to implement source to pay (S2P) solutions and services required for rapid adoption, and realize the return on investment envisaged from such procurement initiatives.
Having worked with over 200 customers globally, Consus is appropriately positioned to collaborate with customers whether it is around deploying an S2P solution or assisting with strategic sourcing services or enabling supplier collaboration through supplier enablement services or helping them make cleanse, analyze and structure historical spend data and managing legacy contracts.

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Coding and Marking Market Size, Industry Analysis, Growth, Demand, Opportunity Forecast 2023 | Arizton

Global Coding and Marking Market Size and Industry Analysis 2023

Global Coding and Marking Market Size and Industry Analysis 2023

Coding and Marking Market Research report

Arizton Advisory and Intelligence

The global coding and marking market is projected to reach values of over $7 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 7% during 2017-2023.

China and Japan in the APAC region are the largest users of coding and marking market”

— Abby, Sr Consultant

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2018 / — Arizton's market research report on coding and marking market offers analysis on market size & forecast, market share, industry trends, growth drivers, and vendor analysis. The market study also includes insights on segmentation by technology (primary package coding (CIJ, Laser, TIJ, and TTO) and secondary and tertiary packaging coding (VIJ, PALM, and PIJ)), by product mix (equipment, consumables, and spare parts and aftermarket), by end-user industries (chemicals & construction, food & beverage, electrical & electronics, healthcare, and others), and by geography (APAC, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, North America, and Western Europe).

Coding and Marking Market – Overview

The establishment of stringent government standards and laws that prevents counterfeit of products is propelling the growth of the global coding and marking market. The growing adoption of the centrally integrated system, automated inventory operations, and high throughput of production processes will boost the demand for these services in the global market. These devices are used to deliver the information about production date and timing of the product, location of production, and details of usage and consumption in the market. The vendors are leveraging the marking process to shorten the length of the production process enhancing the value addition and reduce product counterfeiting in the market. The increasing focus on developing eco-friendly systems to reduce bioaccumulation and eco-toxicity due to their environment-degrading components will transform the market and promote sustainable development. The exponential growth of the packaging industry will create new opportunities for leading players in the global market. Industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, and cosmetics are the key end-users in this market. The increasing requirement and use of highly efficient, speedy, and reliable processes in industrial sectors will revolution the coding and marking market.

The growing importance printing information such as manufacture date, expiry, batch numbers, promotional codes, and the quality control information is driving the demand for these devices in the global market. The increasing production capacity by manufacturing industries and rapid urbanization is augmenting the growth of this market in the emerging regions in APAC. The global coding and marking market is projected to reach values of over $7 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 7% during 2017-2023.

Looking for more information? Order a report.

Coding and Marking Market – Dynamics

The increasing number of consolidation witnessed will attribute to the growing revenues in the global coding and marking market. The industries are thriving on an innovative and entrepreneurial zeal to widen their end-user base and improve profitability in the market. The market is witnessing a surge in the number of M&A activities by large electronics equipment manufacturers to strategically expand their businesses. The recent acquisitions will assist vendors to improve their distribution channels and increase their market reach during the forecast period. For instance, in January 2016 Hitachi America completed the acquisition of Label House (L.A. Supply Corporation), a leading provider of marking, and labeling products and services to form a new subsidiary which will operate as Label House in the global market. The growing number of M&A activities is expected to help players to increase their customer base and add revenues in the global coding and marking market.

Coding and Marking Market – Segmentation

This market research report includes a detailed segmentation of the market by technology, product mix, end-user industries, and geography.

Coding and Marking Market – By Technology

Quick-dry nature of CIJ technique to boost the popularity of this technology in the coding and marking market during the forecast period

The global coding and marking market by technology is segmented into primary package coding (CIJ, Laser, TIJ, and TTO) and secondary and tertiary packaging coding (VIJ, PALM, and PIJ). CIJ technique is the commonly used method in the market and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period. The easy installation procedure, user-friendliness, high-speed printing, and its "quick-dry" nature are some of the factors attributing to the popularity of CIJ technique in the global market. This technology uses a high-pressure pump, which targets the ink through a nozzle onto the surface of the target material and is extremely versatile and enables printing on virtually any surface. Companies such as ID Technology and Domino Printing Sciences are some of the leading companies offering a wide array of CIJ solutions for several end-user industries in the global coding and marking market.

Coding and Marking Market – By End-User Industries

The growth of the pre-packed snack in the food and beverage industry will transform the coding and marking market during the forecast period

The end-user industries in the global coding and marking market is categorized into chemicals & construction, food & beverage, electrical & electronics, healthcare, and others. The food and beverage industry dominated the largest market share in 2017, growing at a CAGR of around 7% during the forecast period. TTO, TIJ, CIJ, and laser techniques are the most widely used in the food and beverage industry. The exponential growth of the pre-packed snack industry is augmenting the growth of the food and beverage segment in the global market. The growing demand for taint-free coding and fast-drying inkjets to meet high-speed production requirements in the confectionery market will encourage vendors to introduce innovative systems in the global market. The demand for food safe inks and fast printing will help companies launch innovative products in the global coding and marking market.

Coding and Marking Market – By Geography

China and Japan in the APAC region are the largest users of this equipment in the coding and marking market

The global coding and marking market by geography is divided into APAC, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, North America, and Western Europe. APAC occupied that largest market share in 2017, growing at a CAGR of approximately 8% during the forecast period. The development of innovative, flexible packaging designs in Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, and India is propelling the growth of APAC region in the market. The presence of robust manufacturing industries, including automotive, construction, chemicals, defense, and aerospace will boost the demand for sophisticated equipment in the global market. The rise in the number of urban population and development of the retail infrastructure will help the vendors expand their businesses in the APAC region. The expansion of various industrial sectors such as iron and steel, cement, and textile that requires identification of products will have a positive impact on the overall growth of the coding and marking market in the APAC region.

Key Countries Profiled in the report are:


Key Vendor Analysis

The introduction of high-quality products with additional features such as RFID system and QR codes are intensifying the competition in the global coding and marking market. The dynamic technological environment is resulting in continual innovations and upgrades, thereby propelling the vendors to launch new product portfolios in the global market. The introduction of devices with high functionality and designs will increase the level of competition in the coding and marking market. The increasing investments in the R&D for inkjet technologies will help players sustain the competition in the global market. The players are competing in terms of price, availability, brand, and variety in the global market.

The major vendors in the global market are:

Brother Industries
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems

Other prominent vendors include ANSER Coding, Beijing Hi-Pack Coding, Control Print, EBS Elektronische Beschriftungs-Systeme, Guangzhou EC-Pack Packaging Equipment, Iconotech, ID Technology, InkJet, KBA-Metronic, KEYENCE, Kotho, Macsa ID, Matthews International, Paul Leibinger, REA Elektronik, SATO Holdings, Squid Ink, Universal Labeling Systems, Weber Marking Systems, Xaar, and Zanasi.

Order a report for more information.

Key market insights include

The analysis of global coding and marking market provides market size and growth rate for the forecast period 2018-2023.
It offers comprehensive insights into current industry trends, trend forecast, and growth drivers about the global coding and marking market.
The report provides the latest analysis of market share, growth drivers, challenges, and investment opportunities.
It offers a complete overview of market segments and the regional outlook of global coding and marking market.
The report offers a detailed overview of the vendor landscape, competitive analysis, and key market strategies to gain competitive advantage.

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ecUtopia, an EDI and B2B E-Commerce Enabler Brings its Industry Disrupting Platform to Retail Apparel & Footwear Markets

ecUtopia, a powerful provider of cloud-based EDI and supply chain management solutions, announced expansion into the Retail Apparel and Footwear markets.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2018 / — For Immediate Release
November 29, 2018

ecUtopia, an EDI and B2B E-Commerce Enabler, Brings its Industry Disrupting Platform to the Retail Apparel and Footwear Markets

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 29, 2018 – ecUtopia, a powerful provider of cloud-based electronic data interchange (EDI) and supply chain management solutions that connect retailers, vendors, manufacturers, 3PL’s and consumers across multiple industries, today announced their expansion into the Retail Apparel and Footwear markets.

“After several years of success and overwhelming growth in chosen retail vertical markets, we are expanding our presence in the apparel and footwear industry, where we have already replaced traditional EDI providers and have wowed key customers,” said Phil Kenney, President and CEO of ecUtopia. “Our intuitive and robust cloud-based platform provides complete visibility into the global supply chain, and our mining approach to data management allows trading partners of all sizes and technical abilities to share critical information efficiently and reliably. We have already disrupted an entire industry by cutting lead times, increasing inventory turns and enabling robust drop ship. Our customers love us for our painless vendor on-boarding, best-in-class small vendor supply chain portal and our 98% one hour support response rate. We are excited to take apparel and footwear Beyond EDI.”

About ecUtopia

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, ecUtopia, the Beyond EDI company, operates a best-in-class, cloud-based total supply chain management platform powered by EDI and B2B E-Commerce methodologies. ecUtopia’s services, focused on enhancing all aspects of the supply chain, is a trusted B2B E-Commerce provider for thousands of private and publicly traded organizations worldwide. Each year since 2012, ecUtopia has grown 40% or more and in recognition of this growth, ecUtopia was named to the Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest growing companies in the United States for 2018. ecUtopia’s employees are regularly nominated for industry and trade organization awards by its customers for their outstanding support and customer service. For more information, visit

Leigh Feitelson
email us here
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Forklift Dealer Receives Top Honors

Tri-Lift NC inc Forklift dealer awards

Tom Duck – VP/General Manager

Industrial equipment and warehouse solutions provider Tri-Lift NC Inc receives top honors from UniCarriers Americas Corporation.

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2018 / — North Carolina based forklift dealer, Tri-Lift NC Inc, has been recognized by UniCarriers Americas Corporation for outstanding performance across their entire dealer footprint. Tri-Lift NC Inc is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business specializing in industrial/warehouse equipment and a variety of other material handling focused solutions. Tri-Lift NC Inc represents multiple brands of forklift equipment and has earned awards from all represented manufacturers in the past. The most recent awards earned by Tri-Lift NC Inc come from UniCarriers Americas Corporation for being a “Goal Buster” in all forklift equipment classes as well as meeting and surpassing Parts sales goals in 2017.

Tri-Lift NC Inc was able to achieve these goals while competing with 3 other UniCarriers forklift dealers in the same marketplace, which is a testament to how the business is operated from the top down. With the recent surge in equipment pricing due to tariffs and other geo-economic factors, small to medium size business like Tri-Lift NC Inc have to get creative with how they go to market as well as how they retain and grow their customer base. Tri-Lift NC Inc is big enough to handle customer needs while being small enough to care and add a personal touch to sales and service efforts. Pictured proudly holding 2 of the 3 dealer awards is Tom Duck, VP/General Manager for Tri-Lift NC Inc.

In addition to being labeled a “Goal Buster” Dealer for UniCarriers Americas Corporation, Tri-Lift NC Inc was also awarded “Gold Status” for the UniCarrers Aftermarket Excellence Program (AEP). The AEP is designed to recognize UniCarriers dealers who have achieved excellent performance in aftermarket parts and service. The AEP challenges UniCarriers Americas dealers to excel in performance standards across eight categories, including business planning, employee training, factory support, and customer satisfaction. The end-result provides dealers with higher service margins, improved parts sales, more efficient work order processing, stronger customer retention, and in turn, greater and sustained profitability.

More About Tri-Lift NC Inc:

Since 1968 Tri-Lift has been serving the material handling industry in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with the top brands and the best service available. The first location and main office is located in Greensboro, NC. In recent years, they have expanded their markets by providing personal and professional service, representing recognized equipment brands and gaining market share by working hard and developing long-term customer relationships. Tri-Lift NC Inc seeks to provide industry-leading product sales, support, service, parts, and rentals for the Material Handling field and all related aspects. Tri-Lift NC Inc is a lot more than just your average forklift dealer. They provide innovative and unique material handling solutions for all applications as well as provide top-notch service on all brands, parts for all brands, mezzanines/in-plant office design and installations, allied products, and training (both factory certified operator training and safety training). Their mission is to establish and build long-term relationships with their clients as industry and application expert consultants, not just transactional salespeople. Having a trustworthy and reliable dealer consultant is not always easy to find but rest assured that Tri-Lift NC Inc can and will help provide solutions to ALL of your material handling needs if you will provide them the chance to.

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How Can You Build a Better Culture in Your Manufacturing Facility?

Formaspace Manufacturing Facility

Formaspace Manufacturing Facility

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Manufacturing Workers

Manufacturing Workers

According to Gallup, manufacturing workers are least engaged in their work compared to other industries. Read more about creating an engaged company culture!

Workers at manufacturing companies are the least engaged in their work — a full 8 percentage points behind all other industry sectors.”

— Gallup

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2018 / — Looking for ways to jump-start your manufacturing facility to make it more innovative and competitive? Process improvement alone is not enough. The key lies in creating a manufacturing company culture that’s engaged, empowered, and ready to take on the world — to win.

At a time when American manufacturing is poised to make a major comeback, there remains a sticking point — a looming labor shortage as many high-paid, high-tech manufacturing jobs go unfilled. We’ve written previously about the challenges manufacturing companies face in attracting the next generation of workers. In the article, we touched on the importance of improving STEM training as well as the need to create deeper ties between industry and the pool of potential workers through apprenticeship programs.

But what about improving manufacturing company culture? Isn’t that also part of the solution?

We live in a time when workers choosing a career have unprecedented visibility into a company’s culture. Social media and employer reviewing websites, such as Glassdoor, provide direct access to employee commentary of what goes on inside their workplace — at its best, and at its worst. Like Yelp restaurant reviews, savvy readers will ignore the most damning as well as the most effusive, praising reviews as they are likely to be biased. However, the bottom line is clear: if you are looking for a new career, it’s plain to see from review websites and news reports that while many professions are busy changing their office culture to make it more welcoming, accommodating, and flexible for workers, most manufacturing companies seem stuck in the past.

Workers at manufacturing companies are noticing.

According to a recent Gallup survey, the State of the American Workplace, workers at manufacturing companies are the least engaged in their work — a full 8 percentage points behind all other industry sectors. Gallup consultants point out that manufacturing workers want what they perceive their friends and family working in other industries have: more empowerment and flexibility at work, including the ability to set flex-time hours and customize their job role to better fit their needs.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and take a look at the big picture. What aspects of manufacturing company culture needs to change for careers in manufacturing to be seen as desirable and worthwhile? Which manufacturing culture changes could help make American manufacturing more competitive in innovation, quality, and efficiency? What can be done to reduce the cost of employee turnover? And most importantly of all, how do you go about making these beneficial changes to the manufacturing culture without causing major disruption?

Here are seven recommendations you can use to change your company culture:

1. Get Started With “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS) Management Strategies

If you want to change the culture in your manufacturing facility for the better, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use simple, proven methods to get started.

Well-known manufacturing management techniques, such as 5S, Kaizen, and the Toyota Way, inspired by Toyota (and other Japanese firms) are good places to start. Not only do they help you get organized, but they can also often provide quick, positive results that will help inspire confidence in making further changes.

These programs will not only help you clean up your facilities, making them more efficient, they can also engage employees and make them take more pride in their work. But the benefits of 5S and Kaizen principles go beyond an initial organizational cleanup: these techniques can help provide you and your workers with useful visual information that will help everyone understand production bottlenecks and other trouble spots. It’s an important first step in a cultural shift toward shared responsibility for production.

Gray Engineering consultants have given us a good, real-world example: As Marty Bryant moved from Toyota to become head of operations at an automotive supplier, he realized his new employer had invested heavily in technology to gather metrics — but the information never surfaced on a daily basis to make a difference on the shop floor. The solution: a highly-visible white-board strategically placed for everyone (from the CEO to the shop worker) to see — with color coding that highlights which production processes were on track, behind the plan, or stalled completely. No more hiding bad news inside weekly KPI reports!

Not sure if you are ready to tackle this yourself? Why not call on our experienced Formaspace Consultants? Our Rapid Plant Assessment program will help you quickly pinpoint problematic areas in your factory operations, such as inefficient material handling and poor workflow. Their recommendations can help you put workers first by creating efficient processes from materials handling to the manufacturing floor to the warehouse shipping and packing stations.

2. Change Work Attitudes From “It’s Not My Job” To “It IS My Job”

Good employees want to do good, quality work that makes a difference. But oftentimes, something gets in the way.

When workers no longer feel that their contributions can make a difference, they can feel overwhelmed by a feeling that things are out of their control. As a defensive mechanism, they often retreat into their “shell” to focus on their specific job task — and no more. This can lead to destructive conflicts to adjudicate what are “their” responsibilities versus what are the responsibilities of “others.”

Research by the consulting company PwC shows this problem surfaces across all industry sectors, not just manufacturing. In their 2017 Employee Engagement Landscape Study, the most common workplace obstacle reported by 33% of workers was,
“Doing work for others that is not part of my job.” Rounding out the top five employee complaints were:

Being included in meetings unnecessarily 24%

Paperwork (e.g., reports) 23%

Lack of clear priorities 21%

Lack of clarity about the decision-making process 21%

So when you hear the phrase, “it’s not my job,” you have a problem on your hands. Your employee (who likely represents many others at your company) isn’t feeling they are part of the solution. Instead, they are saying they lack ownership and empowerment, the very characteristics needed to create a culture of quality and innovation.

How can you change the culture from “it’s not my job” to “it IS my job?”

This is a tough problem because it touches on so many aspects of the business. But we recommend starting out by promoting the role of quality and what it means for your workers — from customer satisfaction to the health of the business.

In a Harvard Business Review article Creating a Culture of Quality, authors Ashwin Srinivasan and Bryan Kurey contend that implementing these four principles can make the difference:

Leaders need to “walk the walk” on quality, not just pay lip-service.

Workers need to hear the importance from respected sources in ways that appear to them personally.

Find key influencers respected by the worker community who can use peer influence to promote the role of quality among team members.

Ensure workers know that they are empowered to speak up and make changes to improve quality.

3. Create Clear Pathways For Job Advancement, Education, And Training

Are you having trouble attracting a talented workforce? You are not the only one.

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