Pluto7 launches Supply Chain Twin Solution Planning in a Box 2.0 on Google Cloud

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Pluto7 is extremely excited by the opportunity to combine the power of Google’s Supply Chain Twin with Pluto7’s Planning in a Box bringing the power of AI to life.”

— Manju Devadas, Founder & CEO, Pluto7

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2021 / — Pluto7 today announced the launch of their Supply Chain Twin Solution, Planning in a Box 2.0. Managing supply chain disruption needs more revolutionary innovation with unified data connections across internal and external nodes in real-time simulating the physical world as events unfold. Planning in a Box, a Supply Chain Twin technology, resides on top of existing processes, devices, sensors and ERP systems (E.g. SAP) to bring broader visibility, reduce inventory carrying cost, and optimize shipments all while improving overall demand forecast accuracy so organizations can lead innovation and confidence.

Businesses today have seen significant financial impact due to disruption within Supply Chain flows and are missing key information about their operations in real-time to act with agility and make insightful, data-driven decisions. Planning in a Box is a logical extension to solve such visibility problems leveraging data from legacy devices, machines and more. Pluto7’s Google Cloud Marketplace solutions fit right under the hood with Planning in a Box as an umbrella solution, enabling customers to easily tap into data insights connecting processes right from marketing spend and sales, to supplier tracking, and inventory management to even gathering information from the physical world in motions like the vehicles for usage patterns and delivery route optimization. As a result, supply chain leaders are equipped with a single-pane view of their business processes to track and monitor their factories and the supply chain at-large taking them a step closer towards Factory 4.0. Planning in a Box is a Platform on a Platform solution running on the customer-owned Google Cloud environment with full transparency into the analytics and ML modeling to process automation flows so that the customer has flexibility to blend it within their business processes and connect with APIs, which was impossible through traditional planning systems. Pluto7 solutions have data ingestion, ML modeling, and data analytics that are extensible and adaptable to business dynamics. The previous generation, rigid models do not tend to serve customers who are in need of this additional layer of intelligence as a Supply Chain Twin.

"Pluto7 customers today are maturing in their adoption of AI through the Supply Chain Twin, solving large scale business problems. Pluto7’s flexible decisions platform “Planning in a Box'' on Google Cloud is enabling our customers to be omnipresent with realtime reflection of the physical supply chain by centralizing data from the plan, make, build and deliver processes. We are pleased to see customers acknowledge up to 10x ROI by reducing the risks and cost of deficient inventory decisions. Pluto7 is extremely excited by the opportunity to combine the power of Google’s Supply Chain Twin with Pluto7’s Planning in a Box bringing the power of AI to life. We are building unique enterprise supply chain brains using VERTEX AI and Bigquery and institutionalizing the operational know-how, making customers super humans with insights from connected data from across processes, and automating decisions that are unique to their businesses bridging the gaps left by industry standard software with pre packaged ML and rigid data models'' – Manju Devadas, Founder & CEO, Pluto7.

Resilient supply chains can respond to sudden changes in markets and do so by developing agile and cost-efficient strategies. Unfortunately, most companies focus too heavily on controlling costs without realizing that later down the line they are paying a bigger price for not adopting agility. Pluto7’s Planning in a Box is a scalable solution working with an accurate blend of internal, external, and IoT data driving high intelligence including visual inspections, throughout the supply chain process helping organizations save time and reduce costs accelerating data driven innovation.

Pluto7’s services and AI solutions allow businesses to speed up and scale-out sophisticated machine learning models. Pluto7 has successfully guided many businesses through the digital transformation process by leveraging the power of Google Cloud.

Bringing a 360 degree view to your Supply Chain

It is not just a solution but the methodology and the framework of capabilities of Planning in a Box 2.0 that makes it so robust and exciting because it helps simulate real-life scenarios with data-driven recommendations so that stakeholders can make informed decisions while planning what’s next.

“With Google Cloud and Planning in a Box, we were able to respond quickly to when the demand was high, shut down production when the demand was slowing or tanking, helping to save us a ton of money with our inventory carrying costs cut into half, which actually meant with our working capital, we could double the number of styles and products which is good for consumers, and business.” – Deepak Mehrotra, Founder, California Design Den

About Pluto7

Pluto7 is a tech-enabled solutions and services company that ignites digital transformation across Supply Chains using AI/ML. Pluto7 helps customers enable various Data Management processes and Smart Analytics frameworks to unify their data and move it to the cloud so that it’s ready for AI and ML applications. With Google Cloud’s robust and inventive data ingestion capabilities and Pluto7’s own Solutions, Pluto7 is able to build upon its ML solutions with ease allowing for more streamlined connectivity so that customers can accelerate their supply chain transformation journey all while minimizing risk. Pluto7 solves global-scale problems leveraging Smart Analytics in a simplistic way while ensuring security and data governance. Pluto7 services and AI solutions deliver innovation and intelligence to build a data-driven future. For more information visit

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FairSpilt Finds Dividing Personal Property After a Death is… Well,…Personal’s new home page promotes services beyond software subscription and encourages phone consultation and help.

FairSplit founder, David MacMahan now personally consults with all clients to help them navigate their estate division.

Heirs off to the races to claim personal property – Aghast grandma looks on from above.

FairSplit offers services to help families deal with the personal nature of dividing the assets of an estate. They even encourage calling the founder for help.

Until I am too overloaded to personally be the one to help, I am enjoying helping the families that find us for the same reasons I created the company.”

— David MacMahan

CAMARILLO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2021 / — Families, in particular the executor of families or trustee, face a real challenge when it comes to dividing the personal property between heirs. Almost no one has experience doing it, and everyone involved has an opinion of how it should be done., the industry leader of dividing tangible personal property, has just redesigned their website to promote services beyond the hosted software. The founder will personally help families by serving as the Administrator of their online process of listing, sharing and dividing personal property. The online system was created more than ten years ago to allow families to login to a private account, list all things to be divided and use the system FairSplit created to do it fairly and peacefully. Now all paid accounts get a thirty-minutes to one hour consultation with David MacMahan, the founder, to help them plan the best approach given their unique family situation.

Designed originally to be online software as a subscription service to allow families access to the tools to do it themselves, the model has morphed into a combination of guided personal assistance and added services made possible through the online application, so not just a software tool. There is the do-it-yourself ability to access the robust listing and sharing tools offered free, and the patented rounds to divide fairly, but the sheer overwhelm most executors find themselves had them asking for help listing, valuing, mediating, advising and managing the division process.

The new home page promotes being able to currently have David MacMahan, founder of serve as your family’s administrator for this process of dividing the tangible personal property. It encourages clients or interested potential clients to call. The ten years’ experience David has helping thousands of heirs through the process have made him arguably the most experienced person anywhere to help families through the process peacefully.

Today’s families are helping parents downsize and move, and ultimately when they pass away, they deal with loss, grief, and estate settlement, including navigating the fairness issues and personalities of their sibling heirs. The task of dividing, donating or selling the personal property (furniture, art, personal effects, jewelry, etc.) is often the part that can most easily lead to family conflict. Simultaneously, it can easily become the most time consuming and stressful part of settling an estate. Covid restrictions on travel and gathering have only magnified the challenges.

David MacMahan of says, "Until I am too overloaded to personally be the one to help, I am enjoying helping the families that find us for the same reasons I created the company. There is no reason anyone should be good at this for their one-time experience of having to do this for their family. I can add a lot of experience, guidance and clarity for everyone by being personally involved and understanding that all families are a bit unique, even though there are commonalities. Frankly, it is why I founded the company, so it is particularly enjoyable to be able to truly help relieve the stress and challenges for that family.”

Some law firms, trust companies, fiduciaries and family offices now choose to just have be the default way they suggest families approach the task of dividing personal property.

CONTACT AND BIO INFO: was founded in 2010 to help with peacefully dividing the personal property of estates, in death, divorce or downsizing in an online platform. The listing and sharing is free to use, with upgrades to divide online. Additionally, they offer mediation, listing assets from photos, valuing and administrative services.

David MacMahan
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Intro to Estate Settlement Services

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Montana Department of Transportation Transitions to Autodesk Partnering with U.S. CAD for Deployment and Implementation


U.S. CAD, AEC technology consultant

Adopting Autodesk’s Best-in-class Solutions Paired with U.S. CAD’s Expert Guidance for Professional Services is Key Part of State’s Digital Delivery Initiative

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2021 / — U.S. CAD, a leading AEC technology and consulting firm, and Autodesk Platinum Partner, today announced it will provide deployment and implementation services as part of the Montana Department of Transportation’s (MDT) move to Autodesk AEC Collection® for its employees focused on highway and bridge design. The decision is part of MDT’s forward-thinking Digital Delivery Initiative and ongoing mission to provide excellence in transportation to the traveling public.

News Facts

• MDT is responsible for numerous programs related to the construction, maintenance, and monitoring of Montana's nearly 25,000 lane miles of highways, roads, and bridges.
• As a result, designing, repairing, and modernizing its transportation infrastructure requires best-in-class software solutions developed by Autodesk and expert implementation, project management, and deployment guidance by U.S. CAD, a trusted partner to the infrastructure industry and government agencies since 1999.
• The contracts were awarded by RFP selection process to U.S. CAD’s government technology partner, DLT Solutions, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tech Data. U.S. CAD serves as a subcontractor to DLT on the initiative, helping MDT achieve its goals and objectives by delivering implementation and training plans for the use of Autodesk AEC Collection, a BIM and CAD software suite, that includes market-leading infrastructure design software solutions; AutoCAD®, Civil 3D®, InfraWorks®, Navisworks®, and Revit®.
• U.S. CAD has gained the trust of transportation agencies across the country that have transitioned to the Autodesk platform by delivering software solutions and professional services that achieve measurable results for agencies.
• MDT plans to use Autodesk infrastructure solutions for state-wide, transportation-related 3D design and modeling, including conceptual design, visualization, drainage and bridge design and analysis, survey data management processing, geotechnical, and right-of-way mapping. With Autodesk’s infrastructure solutions, project teams and stakeholders will achieve streamlined collaboration leading to more efficient project outcomes.
• By making the move to Autodesk solutions with U.S. CAD’s support, MDT can best align with its Digital Delivery Initiative to improve project delivery across the planning, designing, constructing, and overall ecosystem management to improve roadway design quality and safety, reduce project costs and risks, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Supporting Quotes

• Matthew Vega, P.E., National Director, Infrastructure and Government Practice, U.S. CAD
"Today's state transportation departments have realized they must evolve and modernize their software and project delivery practices to become more efficient. MDT's vision and foresight of what Digital Delivery means for them are inspiring and paving the way to a better tomorrow for the citizens of Montana. Safe and sound infrastructure is paramount for Montana's traveling public, and they deserve an infrastructure that is efficiently and cost-effectively designed, constructed, and maintained. I'm thrilled that MDT has partnered with U.S. CAD and Autodesk to empower its engineering and infrastructure management teams with innovative software and practices to efficiently and effectively achieve more for their citizens."
• Jeff Rachel, President, U.S. CAD
“States are facing immense pressure to address inadequate infrastructure. As a trusted partner to government agencies, we’re deeply committed to helping them achieve the infrastructure improvements they require by adopting exceptional Autodesk infrastructure solutions and providing expert guidance that drives a high return on their technology investment and a positive business outcome.”

About U.S. CAD

U.S. CAD is a leading provider of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) technology and consulting services. Founded in 1999, U.S. CAD is an Autodesk and Bluebeam Platinum Partner delivering BIM and AEC software, training, support, production and scanning services, and virtual and augmented reality solutions designed for organizations of all sizes for better project outcomes from conception through construction. Our mission is to help clients win more, produce more, and achieve more. Visit

Autodesk, the Autodesk logo, AEC Collection, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Navisworks, and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. © 2021 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.


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Direct Fulfillment USA offers a Range of Cloud 3PL Services for its E-Commerce Clients


MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2021 / — Direct Fulfillment USA has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of services for the booming e-commerce industry worldwide. The US based company offers Cloud 3PL service for the e-commerce fulfillment needs of its growing number of clients from around the world, and it also takes great pride in offering several other services. Moreover, Direct Fulfillment USA is emerging as a reliable platform for managing orders, inventory and returns, and it also provides efficient and all-inclusive logistics solutions. Drop shipping, returns management, and other e-commerce related services are all offered by the same company, making it a one-stop solution provider for all kinds of e-commerce needs of this rapidly growing industry.

“With our growing national and international shipping network with an increasing number of remote shipping agents across the United States, we pride ourselves by blending innovation and technology with a dedicated team of professional experts.” Said the spokesperson of Direct Fulfillment USA, while talking about the company’s shipping network. “We also have a cost effective business model, dedicated customer service, preparation services, returns management, and much more.” she added. The software used by the company is one of the major reasons behind its worldwide success, because it empowers the clients and enables them to control, track and monitor everything about their shipment.

In addition, Direct Fulfillment USA takes a strategic approach to storage and fulfillment, and it is a world-class SaaS platform. This platform provides a single interface that connects users with the shipping agents directly and keeps them updated at every step of the process. Other key services offered by the platform include drop shipping, order fulfillment, mail forwarding, Amazon preparation services, returns management, and much more. by consolidating multiple purchases into one delivery, customers can save a lot of money in their shipping costs. This is a major reason why the shipping rates of the company are so dramatically lower than its competition.

For more information, please visit the website at :

Customer Service
Direct Fulfillment Group LLC
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Automated Material Handling Equipment Market Size Expected to Reach $58200 Million by 2027, at a CAGR of 6.9%

Automated Material Handling Equipment Market

Automated Material Handling Equipment Market Research Report

By Region, Europe is the largest market, with a share of about 40%, followed by North America and China, having a total share of about 35 percent.

BANGALORE, INDIA, October 26, 2021 / — In 2020, the global Automated Material Handling Equipment market size was US$ 36000 million and it is expected to reach US$ 58200 million by the end of 2027, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.9% during 2021-2027. Automated Material Handling Equipment (or short as AMHE) can play an essential role in modern factories for work-in-process storage and offer the advantages of improved inventory control and cost-effective utilization of time, space, and equipment.

Warehouse material handling approaches are very commonly adopting Automated Material Handling Equipment, in which mainly includes: automated storage retrieval system, automatic guided vehicle, conveyor and sorter system.

Get Full PDF Sample Copy of Report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart):

Global Automated Material Handling Equipment key players include Daifuku, Schaefer, KION GROUP(Dematic), Murata Machinery, Vanderlande, etc. Global top five players hold a share about 35%. Europe is the largest market, with a share about 40%, followed by North America and China, having a total share about 35 percent.

In terms of product, Robotic Systems is the largest segment, with a share about 30%. And in terms of application, the largest application is Food and Beverage, followed by Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Airport, etc.

View Full Report:

Automated Material Handling Equipment Market Segment Review

The automated Material Handling Equipment market is segmented by region, country, company, type, application, and by sales channels. Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Automated Material Handling Equipment market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource. The segmental analysis focuses on sales, revenue, and forecast by region, country, company, type, application, and by sales channels for the period 2016-2027.

Automated Material Handling Equipment Market by Type

o Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
o Automated Conveyor and Sortation Systems
o Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
o Robotic Systems

Automated Material Handling Equipment Market by Application

o E-commerce and Retail
o Food and Beverage
o Manufacturing
o Pharmaceutical
o Airport
o Others

Major Players in the Automated Material Handling Equipment Market

o Schaefer
o Daifuku
o Dematic
o Murata Machinery
o Vanderlande
o Mecalux
o Beumer group
o Fives group
o Swisslog AG
o Intelligrated
o Knapp
o Kardex AG
o TGW Logistics
o Grenzebach
o Witron
o Viastore
o System Logistics

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Valuates Sales
Valuates Reports
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Five Reasons to Attend Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference

This leading-edge corporations and DOE make our Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference on November 11, 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe a must attend for all companies.”

— Tom Gellrich, H2-CCS Network, Founder

PENN VALLEY, PA, US, October 26, 2021 / — Hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration are fast becoming the answer to many of the climate issues. You will want to learn what major corporations, U.S. Steel, Williams, Lane Power and Energy Solutions, Summit Carbon Solutions and the Department of Energy are doing to introduce hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration to their business.

These five entities will provide real insight into your company make these important moves for environment.

1. “Steel Making on the Road to Net Zero,” by Dr. Kevin Zeik, Senior Research Fellow – Innovation, U.S. Steel. Zeik will address how U.S. Steel will use hydrogen in its steelmaking.

2. “Bioethanol Carbon Capture,” by Jimmy Powell, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Carbon Solutions. The company has proposed a pipeline connecting 31 Midwest biorefineries that will flow 12 million tons of carbon dioxide annually to North Dakota. The $4.5 billion line will dead end near Bismarck, where the CO2 will sequestered.
3. “Hydrogen & Carbon Capture in Midstream” by Elliott Metzger, Business Development, Williams New Energy Ventures. Williams earlier this year launched New Energy Ventures to commercialize technologies, markets, leverage existing Williams’s business models, and grow.

4. “Green” Ammonia is becoming part of the hydrogen generation process. Mike Tritt, President, Lane Power & Energy Solutions, Inc, will provide insight into the latest storage developments.

5. “DOE Carbon Capture: Ready for Prime Time,” by Lynn Brickett, U.S. Department of Energy, and “DOE Hydrogen: Fuel of Today,” by Bob Schrecengost, Hydrogen Program Manager, Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management, DOE. These speakers will address how companies can take advantage of DOE grants linked to Hydrogen and CCS.

“This leading-edge corporations and DOE make our Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference on November 11, 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe a must attend for all companies that are looking to participate in this rapidly growing trillion- dollar market” said Tom Gellrich, H2-CCS Network, Founder.

Gellrich is encouraging interested parties to register now. The Spring Conference was a sellout.
Conference attendees will be able to “Join the H2-CCS Network” and stay abreast of all the latest developments in the hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration markets as they develop.

“This leading-edge corporations and DOE make our Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference on November 11, 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe a must attend for all companies that are looking to participate in this rapidly growing trillion- dollar market” said Tom Gellrich, H2-CCS Network, Founder.

Gellrich is encouraging interested parties to register now. The Spring Conference was a sellout.

Conference attendees will be able to “Join the H2-CCS Network” and stay abreast of all the latest developments in the hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration markets as they develop.

Joe Barone
Shale Directories
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Pirate Sea Battle Challenge v1.0

Pirate Sea Battle Challenge

Pirate Sea Battle Challenge

Pirate Sea Battle Challenge UI

Pirate Sea Battle Challenge UI

Pirate Sea Battle Challenge Icon

Pirate Sea Battle Challenge Icon

DALLAS, TX, 75254, October 26, 2021 / — Magnin & Associates today introduces their new game, Pirate Sea Battle Challenge, available on iPhone, Android, Windows 10 PC and Xbox.

Your assignment is to destroy all the pirate ships in each level.

Has challenging AI with 12 increasingly more difficult levels and a variety of player and enemy ships.

Optionally shares your accomplishments via email, or text messaging (iOS, Android, and PC).

The iOS version is a Universal App which means it supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, including standard, Retina, and iPhone X displays. The Android version runs on most popular Android phones and tablets. The Windows version runs on Windows 10 PC with mouse, keyboard, or an Xbox controller. It also runs on the Xbox with a controller.

The game was produced by Ed Magnin, designed and programmed by Willie Johnson, Jr. Matt Campana created the music and sound effects.. Patrick Hicks was responsible for QA on iPhone and iPad. Angel Hernandez was responsible for Android QA.. Angel Hernandez attends Dallas College Richland Campus through the Dallas ISD, Conrad H-TECH game dev program.

According to Ed Magnin, "Now you can carry an exciting pirate game in your pocket, ready to play whenever you have a few moments to tackle another level."

Device Requirements (iOS):
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
* Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
* Universal App (includes Standard, Retina, and iPhone X and XS displays)
* 198 MB
* Rated 9+

Pricing and Availability:
Pirate Sea Battle Challenge 1.0 is $4.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Sports category for iPhone and iPad,. An Android version is available from both Google Play and the Amazon AppStore. A Windows 10 PC and Xbox version is available from the Windows Store.

For more information, please contact Ed Magnin.


Ed Magnin
Magnin & Associates
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Pirate Sea Battle Challenge YouTube video

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Handcrafted Jewelry Company Holly Yashi Delivers Holiday Magic

Handmade jewelry handcrafted in California Free Shipping

Handmade jewelry handcrafted in California

Instead of the North Pole, Look to the North Coast this Holiday Season

One thing though probably stands out most, the fact that we make our jewelry right here in our Northern California studio.”

— Paul Lubitz.

CALIFORNIA, IRVINE, October 26, 2021 / — The news is out, the 2021 holiday season will be tough for retailers and consumers alike. With many cargo ships sitting along the California coast, shelves won’t be what they have been in years past. Extended delays means retailers are struggling to fill inventory. That leaves many with the question, “Will there be anything under the tree on Christmas morning?”

While many retailers across the nation are left with uncertainty on how they will get products on the shelves, Holly Yashi is tinkering away in its North Coast Studio to make Christmas wishes come true. The fact that Holly Yashi handcrafts and ships from the US helps co-founders, Holly Hosterman and Paul Lubitz, keep their promise to customers that they will have gifts under the Christmas tree this year.

“One thing though probably stands out most, the fact that we make our jewelry right here in our Northern California studio. At the very, very beginning we realized that if we wanted to have the quality we desired, we'd have to do it ourselves. From there forward we realized that not only did this allow us to control our quality, it meant that we could hire great people, train them, and invite them to be part of something bigger than we ever thought possible.” says Paul Lubitz.

Not only is Holly Yashi working to deliver direct-to-customers, they are also partnering with wholesale accounts to ensure their shelves are not empty this holiday season. As a small business, Holly Yashi feels it is important to support other small businesses as well.

How else can you make sure to have your gift under the tree Christmas morning? Holly Yashi co-founders, Holly Hosterman and Paul Lubitz, suggest shopping early and with local artisans like Holly Yashi to make sure your special someone isn’t left empty-handed.

To view Holly Yashi’s latest collections or to learn more about Holly Yashi’s initiatives please visit

For further information see contact information for Holly Yashi’s PR Coordinator below.

Contact Information
Name: Mindy Adams
Company: Holly Yashi
Social Platforms:

Roxanna Faithful
Holly Yashi

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The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Illinois Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Best Mesothelioma Law Firm

The asbestos industry knowingly poisoned people for decades.

Pipefitters are at a higher risk of exposure to asbestos than most due to the hands-on nature of the job.

The Steinberg Law Group is affiliated with doctors around the country.

We support our veterans.


The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Illinois Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Best Mesothelioma Law Firm – Experience/Resources/Results

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS, USA, October 26, 2021 / — The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Illinois is dedicated to providing the best possible legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from The Steinberg Law Group.

The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Illinois has endorsed The Steinberg Law Group because of their vast experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, The Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2021 were exposed decades ago.

Although Illinois has no known naturally occurring asbestos deposits, residents of the state must be weary of the many industries throughout the state that relied heavily on asbestos such as the power generating, manufacturing and oil refining industries. Illinois’ abundance of industries helps explain why the over 350,000 tons of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite from the notorious mine in Libby, Montana were shipped into the state during the twentieth century.

Jobsites and locations with known asbestos exposure in Illinois include, but are not limited to, Illinois Beach State Park, Baldwin Power Plant, Crawford Generating Station, Dresden Generating Station, Emerson Electric Facility, Fisk Generating Station, Zion Nuclear Power Station, Powerton Powerhouse, Chicago Nuclear Powerhouse, Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Dixie Square Mall, Magnolia School, Newman School, Milton School, Thebes School, Cairo/Lincoln School, Alton Memorial Hospital, Alton Powerhouse, Alton State Hospital, Gilson Brown School, Godfrey School, Humboldt School, Mark Twain School, North Middle School, Principia College, Anna State Hospital, Copley Memorial Hospital, Great Lakes Forge, Madonna High School, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Bartonville Grade School, Belleville Area College, Belleville East High School, Excelsior Foundry, Our Lady Queen of Peace School, Saint Clair County Courthouse, Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Highland Hospital, National Gray Iron Foundry, Franklin Hospital, Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, Blue Island Forging, Southern Illinois University, Centralia Powerhouse, Herman M. Adler Clinic, University of Illinois, Advocate Sherman Hospital, Air Force High School, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago National History Museum, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital, North Park College, Edgewater Hospital, New Chicago Trade School, Mundelein College, Michael Reese Hospital, Loyola University, Kincaid Power Station, Inland Steel Powerhouse, Illinois Institute of Technology and George Williams College.

Known companies with asbestos exposure in Illinois include, but are not limited to, A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company, Dearborn Rubber Corporation, Freeman Coal Company, Kautt & Bux Manufacturing, LTV Steel, Mobil, Pneumo Abex Corporation, Amoco, Shell, Standard, Johns-Manville Corporation, Grundy Industries, Inc., Eureka Company, CITGO, Kentile Floors, Inc., Alton Box Board and Paper Company, Alton Gas and Electric Company, Alton Steam Laundry Company, Alton Steel Company, Alton Water Company, American Smelting, American Water Works & Electric Company, Duncan Foundry and Machine Works, E.W. Clark and Company, Fairbanks and Company, Laclede Steel Company, Owens-Illinois, Russell Miler Milling Company, Sears, Roebuck & Company, Spanks Milling Company, Fruit Growers Refining and Power Company, Union City Tract’N and Power Company, Corn Products Company, CFC International, Aurora Automatic Machine Company, Aurora Paper Board Company, Aurora Street Railway Company, Austin – Western Company, C. E. Refractories, Caterpillar Tractor Company, Commonwealth Edison Company, Consolidated Paper Company, Davis Aurora Company, Fiber Container Corporation, Forty Eight Insulations, Inc., Fox River Light, Heat and Power Company, Independent Pneumatic Tool Company, Lyon Metal Products, M. H. Detrick Company, New Process D-Enameling Company, William F. Jobbins, Inc., Wilker Process Equipment, Inc., Western Wheeled Scraper Company, Western United Gas and Electric Company, Western Austin Company, Thor Power Tool Company, Stephens-Adamson Manufacturing Company, Rathbone, Sard and Company, Dynegy Power Corporation, Illinois Power Company, Reabody Coal Company, Sprinkman Sons Corporation, Illinova Power Marketing, Inc., Allied Mills, Inc., Central Illinois Light Company, Keyston Steel & Wire, Furnsa Electric Company, Metal Dross Corporation, Van Nortwick Paper Company, Western Paper Bag Company, Johnson and Johnson, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company/3M, Viskase Company, Moroney John J. & Company, Carling Brewery, Kenneth Wild Concrete Company, Rust Company, Inc., St. Clair County Gas and Electric Company, Belvidere Distilling Company, Belvidere Screw and Machine Company, Chrysler Corporation, Dean Milk Company, Paulson Heating Company, R and D Thiel, Inc., Shield Ware, Inc., Franklin County Mining Company, Petroff Packing Company, Alton Railroad Company, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Ashland Chemical Company, Beich Candy Company, Bloomington and Normal Railway Electric and Heat Company, Citizens Gas, Light and Heating Company, Consumers Heat and Electric Light Company, Eureka Williams Corporation, Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, Funk Brothers Seed Company, Ma Girl Supply Company, Madison County Light and Power Company, Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation, Peoria, Bloomington and Champaign Railway Company, Ralston Purina Company, Texas Pipeline Company, Union Asbestos, Unarco, Air Reduction Chemical Company, Calumet Brick Company, Chicago Copper and Chemical Company, Clark Oil & Refining Company, Enterprise Wire Company, Great Lakes Refining Company, Illinois Brick Company, Libby, McNeill & Libby, Inc., Modern Drop Forge Company, North Shore Electric Company, Public Service Company of Northern Illinois, Tuthill Building Material Company, Bunge Corporation, Krolhler Manufacturing Company, Swift & Company, Burkhart Manufacturing Company, Cairo Railway and Light Company, Cairo Water Company, E.L. Bruce Company, Missouri Cotton Oil Company, Singer Manufacturing Company, United Chemical and Organic Products Company, Wilson and Company, Canton Gas and Electric Company, Central Illinois Light Company, International Harvester Company, P and O Manufacturing, Inc., Peoples Gas and Electric Light Company, United Electric Coal Company, Wood Preserving Company, Tri Star Metals, Hollywood Brands, Inc., Illinois Central Railroad Company, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, Texas-Illinois Natural Gas Pipe Line Company, Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company, Danville Urbana and Champaign Railway, Kraft Foods, Inc., Smith and Company, Urbana and Champaign Street Railway Company, Urbana and Champaign Railway Gas and Electric Company, A. Finkl & Sons Steel, A. H. Andrews & Company, A. H. Ross & Sons Company, A. P. Green Fire Brick Company, Abell Box Corporation, ACandS, Inc., Acme Steel Company, Adahy Packing Company, Admiral Corporation, Advertising Metal Display Company, Aermotor Windmill Company, Aetna Bearing Company, Agar Manufacturing Corporation, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Air Reduction Sales Company, Albert Schwill and Company, Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, Allied Metal Company, Allis Chalmers Company, Alsik Brick Company, America Strawboard Company, American Bank Note Company, American Brake Shoe & Foundry Company, American Bridge Company, American Can Company, American Car & Foundry Company, American Cereal Company, American Coconut Butter Company, American Cutlery Company, American Engineering Company of Mexico, American Furniture Mart Corporation, American Granite Company, American Hide and Leather Company, American Industrial Service Company, American Licorice Company, American Lumber and Treating Company, American Maize-Products Company, American Malting Company, American Molasses Company, American Oil Company, American Radiator Company, American Rolling Mill Company/ARMCO, American Sheet & Tin Plate Company, American Spiral Pipe Company, American Steel and Wire Company, American Steel Foundries, Inc., American Tar Products Company, Ameritech Corporation, Anglo-American Provision Company, Apex Smelting Company, Arcole Midwest Corporation, Argo International Corporation, Armour & Company, Armster Company, Armstrong Brothers Tool Company, Armstrong Cork Company, Arnold Company, Arnold Electric Power Station Company, Asbestos and Magnesia Materials Company, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company, Atlas Forging Company, Aullman Company, Austin Company, Autopoint Company, B. 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F. Claussen and Sons, C.B. Pride Rhinelander Paper Company, C.D. Cash and Company, C.E. Billin and Company, Cable Company, Calumet Portland Cement Company, Campbell Soup Company, Canal-Randolph Corporation, Cardox Corporation, Cargill, Inc., Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation, Carnotite Reduction Company, Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Case and Martin Company, Central Asbestos & Magnesia Company, Central Cold Storage Company, Central Service Company, Central Soya Company, Central States Steel Boiler Company, Central Steel and Wire Company, Champion Laundry, Inc., Charles E. 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TF Logistics Announces the Acquisition of Dance Logistics

TF Logistics announced the purchase of Dance Logistics, an Indianapolis-based carrier services company.

growth and expansion emphasis on driver retention, modern and safe equipment”

— Jeff Mills, Owner of TF Logistics

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / — TF Logistics (“TF”) proudly announced today their purchase of Dance Logistics (“Dance”), an Indianapolis-based carrier services company.

Founded in 2013 and based in Indianapolis, the move marks the latest acquisition by TF, a premier Midwest supply chain management specialist and third-party logistics provider. With the purchase of Dance, TF will be able to expand its transportation and logistics offerings. The acquisition adds to TF’s modern fleet of trucks and trailers, marking the largest increase to their fleet since a 72% expansion in hauling capacity in 2019. The deal also brings in additional drivers, further enhances TF’s ability to provide expanded brokerage services, and enables a historically regional company to expand into long-haul operations, utilizing their hub near Indianapolis International Airport.

The acquisition aligns with TF and Dance’s shared goals of commitment to customer service, efficiency, and quality employees.

“We chose to partner with TF Logistics because the companies have similar philosophies along the lines of treatment of employees and the importance of customer service,” said Steve Dance, Owner, and President of Dance Logistics.

Jeff Mills, Owner of TF Logistics, added that the acquisition showed a commitment to “growth and expansion emphasis on driver retention, modern and safe equipment.”

Founded in 2016, Dance Logistics is a driver-founded carrier services company specializing in show feed delivery.

Indianapolis-based Masik Management Group acted in an advisory role, facilitating the transaction.

TF Logistics is a 3PL specializing in all modes of transportation, trade show solutions, and warehouse management.

Dance Logistics is a driver-first carrier that provides transportation solutions to clients all across North America.

Masik Management Group is a holding company focused on starting, acquiring, and growing companies in various stages of growth.

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