Taylor Oil, AFS Bring Slipstream® Marine Fuels to Boaters at Niantic Dockominium Association in Connecticut

marine fuels, slipstream, AFS, Advanced Fuel Solutions, Taylor Oil

Taylor Oil Co. is proud to bring Slipstream® branded marine fuels to Niantic, Connecticut.

Slipstream branded fuels, AFS, Advanced Fuel Solutions, Taylor Oil Co.

Slipstream® pump wraps help refresh the dockside appearance of the Niantic Dockominium Association’s marina.

Slipstream branded fuels, AFS, Advanced Fuel Solutions, Taylor Oil Co.

Slipstream® branded marine fuels offer superior performance and protection at a competitive price.

Connecticut-area boaters can enjoy being on the water again with the performance, protection and cost-competitive pricing of Slipstream® branded marine fuels.

It’s a breath of fresh air—our brand, the image, it’s new, bright and bold, and it brings new energy to the marina.”

— Paul Nazzaro Jr., director of technology and operations, AFS

NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, May 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Advanced Fuel Solutions Inc. and Taylor Oil Co. are pleased to announce that the Niantic Dockominium Association marina in Niantic, Connecticut, is now offering boaters premium Slipstream® branded gasoline and diesel marine fuels. The Niantic Dockominium Association is the latest in a growing number of marinas in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions to offer their discerning boating customers the superior performance and protection of Slipstream® branded marine fuels at a competitive price.

Slipstream® marine fuels sold at the Niantic Dockominium Association marina are distributed by Taylor Oil Co. and provide advanced protection for today’s boating fuels. With contemporary chemistries developed by leading additive formulator AFS, Slipstream® branded marine fuels can effectively treat deficiencies inherent in modern gasoline and diesel fuels, shielding against corrosion, instability, moisture and more. Slipstream® gasoline marine fuel protects against ethanol phase separation—the No. 1 fuel-related issue faced today by boaters who use spark-ignited engines—and includes a detergent boost to prevent nozzle coking. Slipstream® diesel marine fuel includes a cetane booster to improve ignitability and power in compression-ignition engines while offering a more complete combustion.

“We are excited to be bringing the Slipstream® brand to the Niantic Dockominium Association marina,” says Ryan Workman, sales manager for Taylor Oil. “In a congested market driven by economics, it is refreshing to offer a brand that symbolizes high performance and quality. Boaters will appreciate the Slipstream® advantage, allowing them to enjoy their boat with the ultimate peace of mind.”

Marinas that carry Slipstream® branded boat fuels not only provide their customers with the best marine fuel at a competitive price, but they also give patrons a better overall fueling experience while freshening up the look, and appeal, of their own business.

“It’s a breath of fresh air—our brand, the image, it’s new, bright and bold, and it brings new energy to the marina,” says Paul Nazzaro Jr., AFS director of technology and operations. “Our pump wraps provide marina owners a clean environment. Slipstream® can take marinas to the next level, with the fuels they offer and the image they present to boaters.”

The Slipstream® fuel-pump marketing wraps say it all: “Better, Safer, Cleaner,” and “Cleans, Protects and Enhances.”

AFS General Manager Leo Verruso says, “For the fuel jobber, Slipstream® branded marine fuels build value and offer product differentiation. For the boat owner, Slipstream® restores their confidence in the boating experience that has been plagued by ethanol and phase-separation problems. And for us, it’s a breath of fresh air. The marine community has been served by stale, underperforming fuel brands for far too long.”

Fuel jobbers interested in differentiating themselves and their products by carrying Slipstream® marine fuels, marinas wanting to offer their boating customers a superior marine fuel at a competitive price while sharpening up their dockside look, and boat owners seeking to enjoy the water again, are urged to contact Paul Nazzaro Jr. at 978-258-8360 ext. 304 (pauljr@yourfuelsolution.com) or visit gotoslipstream.com today to learn more.

About Niantic Dockominium Association
The Niantic Dockominium Association, located at 25 Smith Ave., Niantic, Connecticut 06357, is a privately owned facility located on the west bank of the Niantic River. Incorporated in 1985, it is the only boating facility in Niantic that allows for slip ownership.

About Taylor Oil Co.
Founded in 1909, Taylor Oil is the premier provider of on-site fueling services to construction crews, contractors, boats and marinas along the East Coast and beyond. Taylor Oil delivers the highest quality gasoline, diesel fuel and other petroleum products 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Advanced Fuel Solutions Inc.
Established in 1994, Advanced Fuel Solutions specializes in formulating proprietary performance fuel additive packages designed to improve the performance of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel and home heating oil. Based on its proven Optimum Discovery Process™, AFS develops customized additive formulations designed to meet its clients’ specific needs and provides counsel to fleets and fuel distributors on all aspects of fuel quality management.

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