Own warehouses and efficient logistics service: what 4qui.com offers to online stores, after expanding to Spain

Carlos Javier Muñoz Montagut - 4qui Store Spain Board Director

Carlos Javier Muñoz Montagut – 4qui Store Spain Board Director

4qui.store is a division of 4qui.com specialized in fulfillment

VALENCIA, SPAIN, March 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The e-commerce platform 4qui.com recently announced its expansion to Spain, highlighting that its operations in this country will be focused on offering storage and logistics services to small and medium online stores through its 4qui.store division through a 360º model, designed to reduce costs in logistics processes.

The new 4qui.store subsidiary in Spain, 4qui.store will be in charge of providing complete fulfillment solutions or, what is the same, as covering the whole process until the product reaches the final consumer. The solutions that 4qui.store will offer to small and medium-sized companies, will help them grow in distribution and sales on digital platforms.

Hiring a fulfillment is essential for new e-commerce

The key to the success of e-commerce is not only in its products but in the entire shopping experience, which involves the storage, packaging, distribution and notification system so that users know the transit of their purchases. For this reason, it’s essential to have a service in conformity to nowadays times and the demands
and expectations of customers.

"We have created a system for businesses where, even if their focus is retail or physical shops, we encourage and guide them to include online sales as part of their growth plan. How do we do it? Offering them plans adapted to each business model to comply with the storage, preparation and delivery process to the final customer, which turn into an increase in its customer base and the expansion of its profits. From now on, it’s the online shoppers who drive sales growth, and it’s for this reason, through 4qui.store we want to cover that market demand, so that the ecommerce who join us have guaranteed a good fulfillment service", said Pedro Oliver, Spain’s 4qui Country Manager.

Own warehouses and orders delivered in a timely manner

2020 meant, among other things, a very important leap to digital purchases. The global context indicated, primarily, to small and medium-sized businesses an imperative need to adapt it to the new reality. For this reason, 4qui.store isn’t a simple storage and distribution service, it’s a system to generate credibility and trust for businesses and therefore for buyers. It has its own warehouses, integrated applications into most of the online store platforms, with storage service from €99 per month, adaptable to the growth of the trade and without permanence commitments.

A very attractive proposal for small and medium-size businesses

Many businesses (small and medium-sized) don’t have large resources to hire massive logistics companies, that’s why the 4qui.store objective is to facilitate and lower the costs of managing the logistics process of the orders of its stores, managing to greatly reduce the costs of storage and staff.

"We want to become a reference for all small and medium electronic businesses in Spain as we are pioneering in offering wide varieties of monthly plans that will based on the size, quantity, weight, fragility and turnover rate of the products or even according to the client’s needs we can offer personalized quotation. We offer stateof-the-art technology and organization. We take the growth of our client’s business very seriously, since our growth and future expansions also depend on them",
expressed Pedro Oliver Palomar, 4qui.com Country Manager in Spain

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