Manufacturing Thought Leaders Share Strategies, Insights and Ideas on Lisa Ryan's 'The Manufacturers’ Network Podcast'

Manufacturers Network Podcast

Manufacturers Network Podcast

Manufacturing Presidents and CEOs Featured on New Podcast

These manufacturing industry experts are sharing real-world insight into what’s happening in their facilities today and how they’re looking to help the manufacturing industry grow and prosper.”

— Lisa Ryan

CLEVELAND, OH, US, January 12, 2021 / — Manufacturing leaders are gearing up for the launch of the “Manufacturers’ Network,” © ( a podcast dedicated to building a place for manufacturers to learn and collaborate. This quick, twenty-minute podcast is perfect for drive-time and is hosted by internationally known employee retention expert, Lisa Ryan, CSP.

Each week manufacturing thought leaders will share:
• What’s working in their plant/facility (people, processes, production)
• Issues / challenges keeping them up at night
• Support they would like to receive from manufacturing connections
• Insights they can give to benefit other industry colleagues.

“These manufacturing industry experts are sharing real-world insight into what’s happening in their facilities today and how they’re looking to help the manufacturing industry grow and prosper in the future. Listeners will find powerful insights, inspiration, and immediately useful ideas designed to take the listeners and their companies to their next level of connection, growth, and industry success,” said Ryan, a leading manufacturing culture consultant, award-winning keynote speaker, and best-selling author of ten books.

“My guests and I explore issues that are impacting the manufacturing sector and its leadership. The discussions and tips are focused on supporting manufacturers and their team towards expansion while retaining their best people,” said Ryan, author of the book, “Manufacturing Engagement: 98 Proven Strategies to Attract and Retain Your Industry’s Top Talent.”

This weekly podcast will kick-off on January 23, 2021 with a binge-worthy selection of ten episodes. New episodes are slated to air each Monday at 7:00 am EST.

Featured guests for the launch include:
• Karen Norheim – President of American Crane
• Steve Pacilio – President of the Lift-All Company
• Scott Mackenzie – Host of Industrial Talk Podcast
• Jesika Young – President and Team Member at Cimtech
• Chris Luecke – Host of The Manufacturing Happy Hour Podcast
• Jay Foran – Sr. Vice President of Team NEO
• Sue Bingham – Founder of HPWP
• Kevin Johnson – Vice President Manufacturing at Birmingham Fastener
• Hector Diaz-Stringel – President of ATA Tools
• David Byerly – President of Leverage30.

All episodes can be streamed at The podcast is also available through Apple, Google, Spotify and via streaming media or MP3 download.

Through this podcast, Ryan is looking to connect manufacturing and related industry leaders so they can share best practices and ultimately change the conversation about manufacturing to drive resources that introduce, attract, and retain the next generations into careers in industry.

Ryan has an extensive background in industry, including spending seven years in the welding industry – and yes, she does weld. As Founder of Grategy, her wide range of clients depend on her for strategies, ideas, and tools to create the workplace culture they want.

Her work is characterized by an emphasis on talent-retention in manufacturing, construction, and related industries. Clients include industry leaders in many fields, trade associations, and educational institutions across the US and Canada. In addition to working directly with manufacturing clients, Ryan is a sought-after speaker who has been gracing national and international stages and wowing audiences since 2010.

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• “A dynamic, conversational, and fun to listen to podcast series that highlights the leadership in the manufacturing industry and their stories. I’ve learned something I can use in every episode,” shares Karen Norheim, President of American Crane.

• “I could tell immediately by the questions asked and subject matter Lisa presented, that this would not be the run of the mill manufacturing podcast. This podcast provide insight and real life solutions to the obstacles EVERY manufacturer faces,” said Kevin Johnson, VP Manufacturing at Birmingham Fastener.

• "An outstanding podcast series that manufacturers won't want to miss. Taking proven successful ideas and distilling them down into application and execution,” according to Jesika Young, President of Cimtech.

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