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Biiibo Inc. delivers construction materials to your job site within two hours with the click of a button.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 31, 2021 / — Biiibo Inc., a Toronto-based digital construction marketplace, is expanding to the Vancouver metropolitan area.

Biiibo launched its digital platform in early 2020 and has helped thousands of customers in the Greater Toronto Area source construction materials on demand. Through their e-commerce platform, Biiibo improves efficiencies in the construction supply chain for homeowners, builders, contractors, and retailers.

As of Feb 1st, Biiibo is excited to expand to the Vancouver metropolitan area.


On-Demand Delivery
Customers can choose between delivery options like scheduled, same-day, or express two-hour delivery.

A User-Friendly App and Website
With Biiibo, contractors and individuals can order any material they need from lumber, flooring, drywall to trim and doors.

Pro Membership Benefits
BiiiboPro members will enjoy an unlimited number of free same-day deliveries, 50% off 2-hour express deliveries, accounting reports, and exclusive offers.

“We’re excited to be bringing our marketplace and services to Vancouver this year,” said Roger Sabat, Biiibo Founder and CEO. “Customers in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area can now rely on Biiibo to procure their construction materials and have them delivered on demand. We are confident that our technology will enhance the customer experience and improve supply chain logistics.”

Interview Opportunities Available with Biiibo Founder & CEO Roger Sabat

Daniela Sabat
Biiibo Inc.
+1 647-960-0758
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FieldsManager Q4 Release Update

Smarter & Interactive Sports and Recreation Fields

New Features update on FieldsManager Platform

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2021 / — BizCloudExperts continues to invest into our flagship SaaS platform offering – FieldsManager. As the impact of Covid-19 pandemic reduces we expect to see an increase in outdoor sports and recreational activities. Our investments in the platform are aligned to help improve utilization of the sports fields and recreation assets by simplifying user experience and improving collaboration. Here are a few updates we have made to the platform in Q4 2020.

AWS Marketplace Subscription:
● Subscribe/Unsubscribe to FieldsManager directly from AWS Marketplace
● FieldsManager Bill is now integrated into your AWS Bill
● Free Tier is available on AWS Marketplace

User Experience Enhancements:
● User Activity Status – Users can now have information on when they last accessed their account.
● Reservation Reminders – Users will now receive reminders about their upcoming reservations.
● Reservations Count : Users/Admins can now see a status count of all the slots that are either in booked state, pending state or available state.

Admin Experience Enhancements:
● Admin users can now view the entire Summary from the Summary Tab.
● Admin users now receive notifications for different pending tasks on their end like Reservation Requests, Custom Slot Requests etc.
● Role Switch – Admins were not allowed to reserve available reservation slots. Now Admins can switch role to "users" and then make a reservation for themselves like any other user.

Reservation/Booking Enhancements:
● Information Only – This is for users to have a visibility of all the games that are happening around them. The goal is to avoid conflicts and increase participation
● First Come First Serve Fields – These are ground that only allow first come first serve. They are not reserve-able. You can show your intent to play so as to avoid conflicts. FieldsManager is attempting to enable an honor system for the playing community.
● Bulk Reservation Available Slots Upload – Organizations can now upload the entire schedule and host it on FieldsManager. Simplifies availability management

We innovate, transform and seamlessly blend digital and physical platforms to deliver highly scalable production-ready solutions that contribute to our customers' success. BizCloud Experts is recognized as a leader in developing solutions using serverless computing technologies, and automating IT services. . To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter.

For more information FieldsManager visit the following pages or

For general sales information, contact, call us @+1 (214) 206 8976 or visit our website:

BizCloud Experts
UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts
+1 214-206-8976
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New Combination system includes LBC Series low profile compression-only load button and TM0-1

LBC (Low Profile Compression Only Load Button) Load Cell and our TMO-1 (12 VDC powered Amplifier / Conditioner Module).

LBC / TMO-1 System

LBC Series Load Cell  (Load Button)

LBC Series Load Cell

LBC Series Load Cell / Load Button Specifications

LBC Series Load Cell Specifications

TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2021 / — New from Transducer Techniques an economically priced System combination, comprising of our popular LBC (Low Profile Compression-Only Load Button) Load Cell and our TMO-1 (12 VDC powered Amplifier / Conditioner Module). The TMO-1 provides dedicated conditioning and several units can be powered from a common power supply. Balance and span pots are low tempco metal film for long-term stability and good resolution. The Low Profile Compression only load button Load Cell is constructed from stainless steel and is offered in a variety of ranges from 100 LBS. to 50K LBS. Counter bored mounting holes are provided for fastening down from the top. Accuracies are consistent with highly accurate strain gauge load cells.

Phone (800) 344-3965
FAX (951) 719-3900
Transducer Techniques, LLC
42480 Rio Nedo
Temecula, CA 92590

Customer Support
Transducer Techniques, LLC
+1 951-719-3965
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Petraco Oil Company Cautiously Optimistic – Demand Recovery Hinges on Vaccines

Petraco Oil Company cautiously optimistic - Demand recovery hinges on vaccines

Petraco Oil Company cautiously optimistic – Demand recovery hinges on vaccines

Global and International Oil companies cautious with 2021 outlook

Oil companies cautious with 2021 outlook

Petraco is one of the oldest independent trading companies in the World, priding itself on great expertise and strong connection with its customers. It

LUGANO, TESSIN, SWITZERLAND, January 29, 2021 / — Petraco Oil Company cautiously optimistic while demand recovery hinges on vaccines: – With lockdowns continuing worldwide, the energy industry has been monitoring the availability of vaccines closely. At the January 2021 Gulf Intelligence Global UAE Energy Forum, several traders offered cautious optimism in terms of upcoming energy demand. Commodity traders like Vitol stated they expected overall oil demand to rise by 6mn b/d this year, only partially reversing a 9mn b/d slump in demand last year. Jet fuel demand has been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with border closures, travel restrictions and tight lockdown measures. Although the start of mass vaccination programmes across different countries has undoubtedly brought hope to several market players across the aviation industry, the International Air Travel Association (IATA) said in November that it does not expect global air passenger numbers to return to 2019 levels until 2024 at the earliest. IATA expects 2.8bn passengers to travel in 2021, 1bn more than in 2020 but 1.7bn fewer than in 2019.

OPEC+ also took an extremely cautious view to energy demand earlier this month. Saudi Arabia alone announced that it would make a 1mn b/d voluntary crude output cut in February and March. The cut is already on top of Saudi Arabia’s output commitment of 9.119mn b/d under the latest OPEC+ agreement and it will mean it will produce as little as 8.119mn b/d from the start of February. The UAE instead offered slight optimism, expecting global oil demand to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year or early 2022 at the latest, citing OPEC+ efforts as the key determining factor. This was a markedly different assessment than that given by the Nigerian state-owned oil company NNPC, which expressed serious doubts that oil demand would recover to pre-Covid levels before the end of 2022.

Despite this a difference needs to be highlighted between the financial impacts felt by oil producers and those by commodity traders. While some oil-producing nations, heavily dependent on the absolute price of crude, have suffered greatly during the pandemic and have continued a general sentiment of pessimism when forecasting profits for the upcoming year, the scenario is different with that presented by oil traders. Several traders including Vitol, Glencore and the Petraco Group are less exposed to price volatility. The contango structure in futures markets has been beneficial to traders during 2020. When asked about their view on global oil demand, a spokesperson for Petraco Oil Company stated that ‘ultimately it all goes down to how many people become immunised against Covid-19 and by when. Realistically we do not see a significant portion of society being vaccinated before the first half of 2021 and we can therefore only expect some rebound in global oil demand in the latter part of the year’.

Petraco was founded in 1972 in Milan, Italy, by Branko Srenger. It has since grown to gain a significant international presence as well as an excelling reputation in the oil industry. Over the many years of its existence, Petraco has developed a diverse, global customer base and an extensive network with strong long term relationships. By using our in-house market intelligence, we have been able to anticipate market trends as well as maintain a liquid capital structure. We are hence always able to provide competitive solutions. Petraco’s longstanding focus on trading has fostered the development of long term contracts and established relationships with numerous crude oil producing companies around the world. Among others, crude oil and products origins include Russia, Egypt, Iraq, and Italy. We trade in excess of 350,000 barrels per day, and market our crude oil petroleum products, feedstocks blending stocks, and finished products worldwide. Our sourcing is also based on offtake agreements which we have in place with various refiners. In the process, our traders, operators, risk management and finance teams provide creative solutions to overcome the logistical and financial barriers that may stand in the way of such transactions.

Luca Bianchi – Head of PR
Petraco Oil Company SA
+41 91 911 60 10
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On Demand Logistics is Offering the Ultimate Amazon FBA Prep Services to E-Commerce based Startups


ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — On Demand Logistics Services, Inc. has proudly that it is offering the best FBA prep services for the e-commerce business owners from around the world. One of the major services offered by the company includes streamlining the storehouses for the e-commerce operations, which plays a great role in helping these companies reach out to their customers from around the world. Based in Orlando, Florida, the US based company is getting a phenomenal response for its services, and a growing number of e-commerce based businesses is getting on board with the company.

“We are pleased to announce that an increasing number of e-commerce startups and established e-commerce businesses are taking advantage of our FPA preparation services to streamline their storehouses.” Said the spokesperson of On Demand Logistics Services, Inc., while talking about the services. “We take great pride in the optimization and automation of the transportation and shipping operations for our valued customers from across the world.” He added. The multi-talented team of On Demand Logistics Services, Inc. is led by its CEO William Catania.

Quality FBA Preparation services for Amazon are a key to success for any e-commerce based company. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), e-commerce businesses basically store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and then these products are picked, packed, and shipped on their behalf. FBA can help e-commerce based entrepreneurs scale their business and reach more customers.

For more information, please visit:

Patrick Smith
On Demand Logistics Services, Inc.
+1 877-368-0018

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RSGT Announces the Public Investment Fund and COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited Becoming Shareholders

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA, SAUDI ARABIA, January 28, 2021 / — The Founding Shareholders of Red Sea Gateway Terminal Limited (RSGT), a privately-owned independent terminal operating company, have signed separate Share Purchase Agreements with the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and with COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited (CSPL) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Sound Joyce Enterprises Limited, for the sale of 40% equity interest in RSGT (with 20% each) for total consideration of SAR 1,050 million / USD 280 million. The aforementioned two transactions imply an enterprise value for RSGT of SAR 3,300 million / USD 880 million.

The completion of both transactions is subject to the approval of the Saudi Arabian Ports Authority (Mawani), as well as other customary approvals.

Having commenced operation in 2009, RSGT was founded by leading Saudi and international investors (Founding Shareholders), including Saudi Industrial Services Company (“SISCO”), Xenel Industries, and City Island Holding Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MMC Corporation Berhad (Malaysian conglomerate with extensive port operations).

Upon completion of both transactions, PIF and CSPL will become shareholders of RSGT (with 20% shareholding each), while the Founding Shareholders will retain the remaining 60% shareholding in RSGT.

RSGT will remain an independent terminal operator, focused on servicing its existing and future customers in the global logistics chain. The company signed a new 30-year build, operate and transfer agreement with Mawani in December 2019 (the “BOT Agreement”), which envisages the investment of USD 1.7 billion in automation, infrastructure, and equipment through 2050, in order to reach an annual throughput capacity of approximately 9 million TEU. Under the new BOT Agreement, in April 2020 RSGT significantly expanded its handling capacity having assumed the operations of the northern section of Jeddah Islamic Port (previously known as the North Container Terminal or “NCT”). As a result, RSGT’s annual throughput capacity increased from 2.5 million TEU in 2019 to 5.2 million TEU.

"Adding PIF and CSPL as shareholders will accelerate RSGT’s domestic and international growth plans. As the largest terminal operator on the Red Sea and in Saudi Arabia, we are committed to serving the growing requirements of international cargo and container services throughout the global logistics chain and to fulfilling our customers' needs and the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 program for infrastructure and port development. The transactions highlight the strong commercial proposition and service excellence of RSGT [whereas the new shareholders are expected to further strengthen our customer value proposition]. As an independent terminal operator, we thank all our customers for their trust, and we will continue tailoring our services to meet their current and future needs." said RSGT’s CEO Jens O. Floe with respect to the transactions.

As the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, PIF is the economic engine of Vision 2030, with a clear strategy to drive the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy and become a global investment partner of choice. The development of RSGT into both regional and global logistics hub supports PIF’s mission of unlocking new economic opportunities across the Kingdom and deploying patient capital to support emerging sectors with significant long-term growth potential. RSGT will play a significant role in achieving these objectives, capitalizing on the country's strategic location along the main Red Sea shipping routes.

About RSGT
Located at Jeddah Islamic Port, RSGT was established in 2006 as Saudi Arabia’s first private sector Build-Operate-Transfer project. With a current annual container throughput capacity of approximately 5.2 million TEU, envisaged to grow to about 9 million TEU under the BOT Agreement, RSGT is providing world-class integrated logistics solutions, which serve as an engine of growth for both local and regional economies. More information can be found at
Media Contact:

About the Public Investment Fund
The Public Investment Fund is one of the largest and most impactful sovereign wealth funds in the world, driving the economic transformation of Saudi Arabia for the benefit of its people while helping shape the future global economy. PIF is building a world-class portfolio through investments in attractive, long-term opportunities across diverse industries and asset classes internationally, while unlocking new sectors at home. PIF works alongside global strategic partners and renowned investment managers, and acts as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s primary investment arm aiming toward generating long-term value for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030. More information can be found at
Media Contact:

About CSPL
CSPL is a leading global port operator with a portfolio of terminals located at the five main port regions of Mainland China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and the Mediterranean. As of 30 September 2020, CSPL operates and manages 360 berths at 36 ports worldwide, of which 206 are for containers, with a combined annual handling capacity of 115 million TEU. CSPL is a subsidiary of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited (COSCO SHIPPING Group), which operates COSCO SHIPPING Lines and Orient Overseas Container Line, the world's third-largest container shipping line and a member of the OCEAN Alliance consortium alongside CMA-CGM/APL and Evergreen Marine. More information can be found at
Media Contact:

J.P. Morgan acted as the sole financial advisor and Legal Advisors Abdulaziz Alajlan & Partners in association with Baker & McKenzie Limited acted as the legal advisor to the Founding Shareholders on the transactions.

HSBC SA acted as the sole financial advisor to PIF and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP in association with the Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan acted as the sole legal advisor to PIF on the transaction.

Waleed Alkhayyat
Red Sea Gateway Terminal Limited (RSGT)
+966 59 800 1143
email us here

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3PL Warehousing in the E-Commerce Era

The Latest Benchmarking Costs, Prices, and Practices for North American Warehousing Available in a New Report from Armstrong & Associates, Inc.

MILWAUKEE, WI, USA, January 28, 2021 / — Armstrong & Associates, Inc. (A&A) estimates the U.S. Warehousing Market at $173.4 billion with Commercial Warehousing Revenue (comprised of Value-Added Warehousing & Distribution (VAWD/3PL) and Public Warehousing Revenue) at $79.9 billion. By 2021, A&A expects the U.S. Warehousing Market will reach $179.2 billion and the Commercial Warehousing Market will reach $82.6 billion.

To track the most up-to-date costs, pricing, and practices in North American warehousing, A&A collected information from over 668 contract warehousing operations. The results are published in a report released today, “The Business of Warehousing in North America in the E-Commerce Era – 2021, Market Size, Major 3PLs, Benchmarking Costs, Prices and Practices.” The report is the latest in A&A’s series of Warehousing studies, which have been instrumental resources to the industry for over 15 years. In addition to market estimates, warehousing operators and customers of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) will find extensive guidelines for pricing, as well as A&A’s Top 50 North American VAWD 3PLs and Top 20 U.S. E-Commerce 3PLs lists, capability and technology benchmarks, contract length data, warehouse size and revenue, VAWD 3PL customers’ yearly contract value, in-depth analysis by commodities/industries and market rental and vacancy rates.

Top 50 North American VAWD 3PLs
A&A’s Top 50 North American VAWD 3PLs list—representing 3,821 facilities and 939.2 million square feet of warehousing space—includes data on leading 3PLs, including number of warehouses, total space, warehouse and value-added service capabilities, and warehouse management system (WMS) deployment. The Top 50 have an average of 71 warehouses. The average size is 311,081 square feet.

Top 20 U.S. E-Commerce 3PLs
When it comes to e‐commerce fulfillment in the U.S., it is Amazon and then the rest of the pack. Its e-commerce revenues are six times that of its next competitor UPS SCS. For an idea of Amazon’s scale, the revenue generated by the 3PLs listed after Amazon on A&A’s Top 20 U.S. E-Commerce 3PLs list, tallies to just under 53% of Amazon’s revenue.

U.S. 3PL e‐commerce revenues reached $43.4 billion in 2019, and A&A expects a 28.0% CAGR through 2020 as e‐commerce purchases continue to expand during the pandemic and companies continue to outsource versus build internal fulfillment operations.

Benchmarking Costs and Prices
Operating margins, both expected and actual, have fallen since A&A’s previous studies. Market competition and customer sophistication are two driving forces. Pricing, especially in light of scope creep, is always a challenge. A&A’s Transactional Pricing Guidelines, included in the report, are guidelines for handling charges, storage per month by number of turns, rates for pallets high/deep, costs per square foot, racking costs, inventory turn discounts, per-hour labor rates, and transactional charges. Operating margin benchmarks are also provided.

This market size and benchmarking data is only available from A&A, and will be a valuable desktop reference. The complete report and other A&A research can be found at:


Armstrong & Associates, Inc. (A&A) was established in 1980 to meet the needs of a newly deregulated domestic transportation market. Since then, through its leading third-party logistics (3PL) market research and history of helping companies outsource logistics functions, A&A has become an internationally recognized key information resource for 3PL market research and consulting.

A&A’s mission is to have leading proprietary supply chain knowledge and market research not available anywhere else. As proof of its continued work in supporting its mission, A&A’s 3PL market estimates are the most often cited in securities filings by publicly traded 3PLs, media articles and trade publications. In addition, A&A’s email newsletter currently has over 88,000 subscribers globally.

A&A’s research complements its consulting activities by providing a continually updated detailed database for analysis. Based upon its unsurpassed knowledge of the 3PL market and the operations of leading 3PLs, A&A has provided strategic planning consulting services to over 30 3PLs, supported 23 closed investment transactions, and provided advice to numerous companies looking to benchmark existing 3PL operations or outsource logistics functions.

For more information, please contact:
Jenny Sun at +1-414-545-3838, or email
Evan Armstrong at +1-608-268-5860, or email

Armstrong & Associates, Inc.
10401 West Lincoln Avenue, Suite 207
Milwaukee, WI 53227 USA
Phone: +1-414-545-3838 Fax: +1-414-545-3906

Lauren Willman
Armstrong & Associates, Inc.
email us here

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Clientron Falcon600 – The Key to Kingly Kiosks

Clientron Falcon600 - The Key to Kingly Kiosks

Clientron Falcon600 – The Key to Kingly Kiosks

Clientron Falcon600 peripheral

Clientron Falcon600 peripheral

Clientron's Falcon600 embedded system simplifies kiosk and POS integration while improving reliability and minimizing downtime.

We have worked closely with loads of integrators, seen their struggles, felt their pain, and developed the Falcon600 to put a bigger smile on their dials.”

— Clientron Corp.

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, January 28, 2021 / — Clientron's Falcon600 embedded system simplifies kiosk and POS integration while improving reliability and minimizing downtime. A set of features tailor-selected for kiosks and POS systems includes all essentials without requiring external cards and devices to implement essential functions. Rock-solid performance that keeps end-users smiling and providers happy.

Pandemic Safe Self-Checkout for Multiple Applications
We want you safe. The pandemic is not over yet. With COVID-19 spread primarily through contact, many countries still have social distancing measures to limit transmission. For retailers, the most important point is to minimize person-to-person contact as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus. Thus, self-order kiosks are playing an ever more significant role in the shopping experience, not just in grocery stores but in small shops, restaurants, food courts, and cafés as well. Also, the Falcon600 is suitable for fully automated smart vending machines.

Flawless Operation Creates Satisfied Customers
Downtime is revenue lost. Continuous operation is not a nice-to-have; it's an essential requirement for critical business machines. End-users have become accustomed to stuff that just works. This reliability is a boon for their productivity but also means they're probably less capable of fixing issues on their own. They'll have to call the system supplier. That's a pain for them as they wait for a service rep, and it's an ongoing out-of-pocket expense for the supplier. Customers and integrators are happier if everything is plain-sailing. Set and forget.

The Falcon600’s design eliminates these pains and takes a multi-pronged approach to achieve superior reliability.
– 8th generation Intel© CPU gives more processing power, with lower overall power consumption compared to previous generations.
– Die-cast aluminum chassis wicks away heat from the CPU and disperses it into the surroundings, eliminating failure-prone fans.
– Fanless, keeping the system closed, so dust and moisture can't choke the sensitive internal parts, exponentially increasing longevity.
– Cableless, eliminating internal cables that can shake loose or corrode and instead using sturdier connections.

Easing Integrator System Development
At Clientron, we've worked closely with loads of integrators, seen their struggles, felt their pain, and developed the Falcon600 to put a bigger smile on their dials. In addition to the features already mentioned, we've included a plethora of additional extras that make integration into your design project as easy as 1-2-3.

– Low-profile 35 mm height Die-cast aluminum shell small enough to fit in the tightest corners.
– Frame and VESA mount Side mounts for installation frame and VESA 100×100 cover the majority of applications.
– Plenty of peripheral connections 3x RS-232, 6x USB, and RJ-11 handle connectivity to thermal printers, payment devices, NFC readers, and barcode scanners.
– Display ports VGA and DisplayPort are both included.
– Network connectivity through WiFi wireless and dual RJ-45 wired network ports.
– Remote power switch to turn the kiosk or POS on and off without opening it up.
– 24 VDC power for printers, so you don’t have to add another power supply to the system OR RJ-45 for a credit card readeror other devices.

Together, these features work to make the Falcon600 the unseen driving force behind your kiosk or POS. The rock-solid performance, never-tiring operation, and simplicity through good design will take your project to the next level.

About Clientron
For over 35 years, Clientron has designed kiosks and POS for system integrators around the world. We help you get your project from conception to the storefront quicker and easier while providing second-to-none after-sales support.

Clientron was founded in 1983. The company is dedicated to providing highly integrated embedded solutions to our clients worldwide. With more than 35 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and after-sales-service, Clientron offers high-quality and technology-leading solutions, including POS, Kiosk, Thin Client, and Automotive Electronics. Clientron commits to continuously providing engineering excellence towards innovative solutions and the best services to global partners and customers. Visit us at .

Hazel Yang
Clientron Corp.
+886 2 2698 7068

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floLIVE Receives 2020 IoT Excellence Award for its IoT Connectivity Service

floLIVE Receives 2020 IoT Excellence Award for its IoT Connectivity Service

floLIVE Receives 2020 IoT Excellence Award

floNET IoT Connectivity Service Honored for Excellence in Innovation

It is my pleasure to recognize floNET with an IoT Excellence Award for its excellence in innovation. As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing floLIVE’s future successes”

— Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer, Crossfire Media.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 27, 2021 / — floLIVE announced today that its Global IoT Connectivity Service floNET has received a 2020 IoT Excellence Award presented by TMC and Crossfire Media.

The 2020 IoT Evolution IoT Excellence Award honors innovative products that support the availability of information being deduced, inferred and directly gathered from sensors, systems and anything else that is supporting better business and personal decisions.
“We are delighted to continue to gain market recognition for our innovative disruption of traditional network and IoT solutions” said Nir Shalom, CEO floLIVE. “floNET is truly one of a kind, helping enterprises and carriers get up and running faster, providing a holistic platform to build, operate, and monetize IoT businesses, and ensuring full visibility and control over connected assets.”

floLIVE offers advanced 5G network solutions and a full suite of global cellular connectivity services for IoT use cases. With floNET, enterprises can enjoy seamless global connectivity for their connected devices – fully compliant, will high performance, no matter where they operate.

“It is my pleasure to recognize floNET with an IoT Excellence Award for its excellence in innovation,” said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer, Crossfire Media. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing floLIVE’s future successes.

About floLIVE
floLIVE encompass a wide range of services to market verticals, from a full GSM IoT-oriented core network, through to IoT BSS, device and eSIM management and targeted IoT vertical solutions – all provided as-a-service via our global cloud. For more information visit or email

About Crossfire Media
Crossfire Media is an integrated marketing company with a core focus on future trends in technology. We service communities of interest with conferences, tradeshows, webinars and newsletters. Crossfire Media has a partnership with Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) to produce events and websites related to disruptive technologies. Crossfire Media is a division of Crossfire Consulting, a full service Information Technology company based in New York.

About TMC
Through education, industry news, live events and social influence, global buyers rely on TMC's content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. As a result, leading technology vendors turn to TMC for unparalleled branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities. Our in-person and online events deliver unmatched visibility and sales prospects for all participants. Through our custom lead generation programs, we provide clients with an ongoing stream of leads that turn into sales opportunities and build databases. Additionally, we bolster brand reputations with the millions of impressions from display advertising on our news sites and newsletters. Making TMC a 360-degree marketing solution, we offer comprehensive event and road show management services and custom content creation with expertly ghost-crafted blogs, press releases, articles and marketing collateral to help with SEO, branding, and overall marketing efforts. For more information about TMC and to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please visit and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, @tmcnet .
TMC Contact:
Michelle Connolly
Marketing Manager
203-852-6800 x 170

Anna Vainer
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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ORT Tool Ready for Increase in Renewables

The company’s 20 years of experience make it very capable

We have done just about everything in the renewable industries.”

— Angelo Milano, Vice President, ORT Tool

ERIE, MI, U.S., January 26, 2021 / — ORT Tool is uniquely prepared for the increase in renewables as the result of the new presidential administration. For the past 20 years, ORT Tool has been working with companies in the solar, wind and electrical vehicles (EV) industries. The company has considerable depth and breadth of experience in these industries. “We have done just about everything in the renewable industries,” stated Angelo Milano, Vice President.

The solar industry work started in 2000. Since that time the company has worked for a number of solar companies. The work has included components for solar panel lines as well as building and installing complete solar panel lines on customer site.

In addition to working in solar, ORT Tool has also done extensive work in the wind industry especially in machining gearbox housings for wind turbines. GE Wind being one of ORT Tool’s major wind customers.

More recently, ORT Tool has been building and assembling machines for companies associated with the EV industry and is currently working on a few major projects.

“We recognize the importance of the renewable industries and are proud of the work we are doing,” further commented Milano.
About Ort Tool

Ort Tool is a machine and fabrication shop located in Erie, MI with over 20,000 square feet of shop facilities. It builds all of their machine parts and assemblies to blue print for paper, chemical, wind, solar, transportation and oil and gas industries. Capabilities include CNC machining, grinding, EDM, welding, assembly, and design.

Angelo Milano
ORT Tool
+1 734-848-1102

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