Rapid Sales Growth for Tarp Coverings among Construction Contractors Signals Potential for Economic Recovery

Increasing Demand among Major Construction Contractors Accelerates Production of Tarps and Covers

ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tarps Now® today announced increases in production of Industrial Grade Tarps and Covers engineered to meet heavy order flow demands initiated by Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) contractors throughout the North America. Nationally known EPC contractors increasingly turn to Tarps Now® for a wide range of Heavy Duty Tarps and Covers engineered to help EPC contractors meet a wide range of construction milestones associated with engineering, developing, constructing and facilitating the opening of a wide range of facilities serving heavy industry.
Examples of industries served includes solar and wind power projects, utility plant construction, oil and gas pipelines, highway and road construction, retail shopping centers, multi-family community projects, and healthcare industry facility projects.

The company also provides support services to assist EPC contractors in selecting correct tarps products and coverings to meet specific application needs, as well as on-site delivery estimates which are frequently needed to meet tight construction milestone schedules. Support services including provisioning of stock sized tarps and coverings, as well as use of large scale custom tarp coverings needed to protect work in progress, concrete curing, heavy equipment and construction zones.

Growth has been accelerated due to the availability of custom tarp ordering technology available on the Company’s website that contributes to expedited order processing, fabrication, shipment and deliveries. Construction managers cite the accuracy of cost quotes, rapid order processing and timely on-site deliveries of critical to meet milestone events during the construction process. Major product lines serving the EPC Construction industry are as follows:

Tarps Now® Construction Industry Tarp Covering Products Include:


About Tarps Now®

Tarps Now® features an extensive online catalog of heavy duty tarps, canvas tarps, poly tarps, custom tarps, vinyl tarps and industrial divider curtains. As specialists in custom canvas and vinyl tarps, they are the low-price leaders in their category. The company offers the convenience of fast, easy, online ordering as well as a knowledgeable staff to guide customers through the specification process insuring their project will be completed on time and in budget. Tarps Now® has the experience and scale to insure customer specifications are carefully followed and expectations exceeded for every project, large or small.

Michael Dill
Tarps Now, Inc.
+1 8888001383
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Stephan Walouch – Austrian Entrepreneur talks about Dropshipping

How dropshipping works and how you can use it to build your own business in the 21st century!

LARNACA, LARNACA, CYPRUS, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With dropshipping you can produce your own online shop without your own products. This enables your own path to self-retention. We show how it works and what it is. There are quite a few people who can imagine running their own online shop. For most of them, however, it is just imagination. You cannot bring yourself to turn your project into reality. Mostly this has to do with the fact that you shy away from the risk of buying the necessary products. But that's a shame. After all, it is not even necessary to have your own products in order to run an online shop. Dropshipping is a possible alternative.

What is dropshipping?

In a dropshipping shop, the online retailer offers products in his shop without having them in stock himself. When customers order a product in the shop, the shop operator does not send the product himself, but orders the product (automated) directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then sends it directly to the customer. Building such an online shop based on dropshipping is basically not that difficult. So, let's take a look at how it works and the advantages of such a shop. To build an online shop based on dropshipping, there are several options. One of the most complex would be to program the shop yourself or to have it programmed by experienced programmers. But that is no longer necessary nowadays. If you want to save yourself the hassle, you can use Shopify, for example. With the Shopify shop system, an online shop can be set up in just a few steps. The effort for the creation is minimal. With a drag-and-drop function, the online shop can be designed the way you want it. There are also numerous ready-made templates. Furthermore, importing products is anything but complicated. There are special tools especially for this, which are easy to use and enable products to be integrated with just a few clicks.
Advantages of the dropshipping business model!

Dropshipping has some disadvantages compared to a conventional online shop. That cannot be denied. But the advantages should not be ignored either. One of the decisive factors is the fact that the starting difficulties with dropshipping are far less than with other business models.
If you want to set up an online shop with dropshipping, you don't have to make large investments. Using a shop system is not expensive and basically as many products as you want can be integrated. After all, it is not necessary to purchase the products beforehand. Of course, this also has the advantage that there is free choice in the design of the range. The range can be designed according to your own wishes. There is no reason to limit yourself here. After all, there is no risk of getting stuck on a certain product, for example. This eliminates a significant risk.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not worry about the design of the range. Choosing the right products is also essential when it comes to dropshipping. But of course, you still have a lot more scope.

Another crucial advantage is that you can run the business from anywhere. You are not tied to a specific location. This advantage is of course something that makes digital business models so attractive. If you choose Dropshipping, you can basically live where you want it. Provided that you have a working internet connection.

Stephan Walouch
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Ripe Technology, Inc (ripe.io) Named a Finalist in $3 Million Grow-NY Business Competition

Grow NY

Blockchain of Food

Blockchain of Food

We see tremendous value and opportunity to work alongside the Grow NY ecosystem”

— Raja Ramachandran, CEO of ripe.io.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Empire State Development and Cornell University’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement today announced that the startup company ripe.io, led by co-founders Raja Ramachandran and Philip Harris, has been chosen among a group of 20 finalists for the 2020 Grow-NY food and beverage innovation and agriculture technology business challenge. The company, based in New York, N.Y., is one of the leading forces in introducing and deploying the Blockchain of Food. Begun in 2017, ripe.io has been recognized by Forbes as “25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startups, Ag Funder’s Most Innovative Supply Chain Start Up, and most recently Rabobank’s award for top 5 Emerging Leadership in Innovation.

ripe.io founders will now join 19 other finalists from across the world in working over the next two months with mentors and competition organizers in Upstate New York to compete for $3 million in startup funding, including a $1 million grand prize. ripe.io founders will pitch their company to a panel of live judges at the Grow-NY Food and Ag Summit which will be held virtually on Nov. 17 and 18. The Summit is free and registration is now open for the public.

Grow-NY is an unprecedented business competition focused on enhancing the emerging food and agriculture innovation cluster currently present in the Finger Lakes, Central New York and Southern Tier regions. In just the first year of a three-year commitment, Grow-NY attracted 199 completed applications around the world. This year, as we embark on the second installment, more than 264 startups applied from 27 countries including Israel, Germany, and Argentina. In the U.S., 26 states were represented, including 98 entries from New York. 29% of applicants included a female founder and 32% included a founder from an underrepresented minority group.

Empire State Development is providing funding for the Grow-NY competition through its Upstate Revitalization Initiative, with administration support from Cornell University’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement. The winner will be required to conduct business in the Grow-NY region which features counties within Central NY, the Finger Lakes and the Southern Tier of New York State where there are vibrant farmlands as well as several major urban centers, including Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca and Binghamton. The winning business will help contribute to job growth, connect with local industry partners and contribute to a thriving economy.

The finalists were determined by a panel of 30 independent judges comprising the spectrum of food, beverage and agriculture businesses and academics. Grow-NY will award prize money to seven winners this November, all payable in stages, based on business milestones. This includes the $1 million top prize, two $500,000 prizes and four smaller amounts. Tax incentives will also be included.

ripe.io leaders believe they have developed something unique in their industry. “We see tremendous value and opportunity to work alongside the Grow NY ecosystem, with the shared goal of solidifying New York state as one of the best communities in the world for food and agriculture innovation. It has only been two weeks, but we have already witnessed the strength, commitment and passion from everyone surrounding the effort. We are truly humbled to be given such an opportunity,” said Raja Ramachandran, CEO of ripe.io.

“We decided to double down on the relationships that we have with incubators, accelerators, university programs, and food and ag organizations across the globe to cast a wide net of awareness around the competition. As a result, we’ve seen a strong turnout, including many international entrepreneurs,” said Jenn Smith, program director of Cornell University’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement. “Today’s finalists should be very proud to have been selected from this highly competitive competition and we’re excited about their potential. We know this program can provide a much-needed ladder to to help startups climb high, creating new, high-quality jobs at a time when they are urgently needed. We’re eager to see which companies will win the prize money this year and hit the ground running.”

The Grow-NY Food and Ag Summit attracted more than 900 attendees last year and, to align with safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the event will be held virtually this year on Nov. 17 and 18. Finalists will still have the opportunity to pitch their business plans and answer questions from a live panel of judges. Attendees can also experience a symposium featuring a series of panels discussing the biggest issues facing the food and agriculture industry.

“In transforming this year’s Grow-NY Food and Ag Summit into a virtual, we have intentionally created multiple networking opportunities where growers, start-ups, established businesses and influencers can connect,” said Smith. “Food, beverage and agriculture innovation in the Grow-NY region is thriving and we are excited to draw new companies into the ecosystem by creating a welcoming environment for strong partnerships.”

About Empire State Development
Empire State Development (ESD) promotes a vigorous and growing state economy, encourages business investment and job creation, and supports diverse, prosperous local economies across New York State through the efficient use of loans, grants, tax credits, real estate development, marketing and other forms of assistance. To learn more about ESD visit https://esd.ny.gov.

About the Cornell Center for Regional Economic Advancement
The Cornell Center for Regional Economic Advancement (CREA) supports economic impact in Upstate New York through entrepreneurship and innovation. We help people advance ideas that will create jobs in all fields in our region, to enrich the area’s economic diversity. To learn more, visit https://crea.cornell.edu.

About Ripe Technology, Inc. (ripe.io)
Ripe Technology, Inc. is on a mission to build long-lasting trust and confidence in our food supply chain through a platform where everyone will be able to access transparent and reliable information on the origin, the journey and quality of their food. With funding support from both Maersk Ventures and Relish Works, ripe.io has offices in New York City and San Francisco. Learn more at http://www.ripe.io.

Philip Harris
Ripe Technology, Inc
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Beans Route Partners with Fleet Response to Provide Safety Training for FedEx ISP Drivers

Keep track of your drivers’ safety training status right inside Beans Route

ISPs can now enroll drivers in ongoing training directly in Beans Route

It’s only natural for us to partner with the best-of-breed safety solution and make it easier for our customers to stay compliant”

— Nitin Gupta, Beans Route CEO

PALO ALTO, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Beans Route, a FedEx approved routing and dispatching toolkit, recently formed a strategic alliance with Fleet Response, a comprehensive fleet services company. The partnership allows ISPs to sign drivers up for safety training straight within their Beans Route account.

As required by FedEx Ground standards, all FedEx drivers must be enrolled in ongoing safety training. ISPs who fail to keep drivers up-to-date on training become liable up to $10,000 per at-fault accident and also risk losing their contract. But with the convenient new partnership between Beans Route and Fleet Response, ISPs can quickly spot which drivers are failing or passing their safety training in Beans Route.

“It’s easy now for ISPs to identify which drivers require training,” said Jerry Veres, Fleet Response’s director of safety. “The pass or fail grade of a driver appears directly on the ISP’s Beans Route account.”

The integration of Fleet Response’s training status in Beans Route condenses the amount programs ISPs need to use in order to effectively stay compliant with the FedEx Ground contracting standards. When contractors find a driver with a “failing” mark on their Drivers & Dispatchers list, they are able to take swift action to get the employee up to speed, thereby avoiding potential penalties and negative repercussions.

According to Fleet Response, 80% of the accidents happen when drivers are trying to back up their trucks. Beans Route’s accurate locations reduce the need for backing up the trucks significantly as drivers are taken to the closest parking location to a unit number.

“At Beans Route, we are focused on making deliveries easier for drivers and are trying to remove all unknowns from their route,” said Nitin Gupta, Beans Route's CEO. “It’s only natural for us to partner with the best-of-breed safety solution for FedEx Ground ISPs and make it easier for our customers to stay compliant.”

About Beans Route

Beans Route is a leading route planning and dispatching toolkit for FedEx Ground ISPs. Unlike other routing programs, Beans Route is the only application that directs drivers the last 500ft of a delivery. On apartment-heavy routes, this precise data saves drivers over 20% on delivery time. Beans Route gives drivers the freedom to optimize routes to their liking with a lasso tool and makes it easy to drop custom pins so drivers can mark locations of entrances, package lockers, and other time-saving POIs. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit www.beansroute.ai.

Akash Agarwal
One Hundred Feet, Inc.
+1 415-604-2759
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ZE PowerGroup Announces Partnership with Vortexa to Scale the Integration of Oil & Gas Global Energy Flows Data

ZE – Data. We Get It.

Vortexa tracking waterborne oil & gas cargo data in real-time

ZE Winner of Data House of the Year ER Award 2020

Data House of the Year ER Award 2020

Prestigious Awards Program Recognizes ZE for the Cloud EDW Solution of the Year

ZE PowerGroup Wins 2020 Data Breakthrough Award

Vortexa’s unique dataset will be easily accessible through ZE’s integrated data management and analytics platform for energy markets

I am excited to have ZE PowerGroup as a partner, creating the future of the energy markets with us.”

— Fabio Kuhn, Founder & CEO of Vortexa

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is entering into a partnership with Vortexa Ltd. to make physical energy cargos and flows data available to its clients in the energy, finance, shipping, and infrastructure industries. Vortexa Ltd. (Vortexa) is renowned for their innovative approach in using AI and deep industry expertise to provide the most complete view of crude oil, refined products, LPG and LNG flows globally.

Vortexa’s data sets will be invaluable for physical and financial oil & gas traders, analysts, charterers, risk managers, and data scientists, to identify and capture opportunities in the energy and shipping markets.

The partnership will further expand ZE’s award-winning ZEMA™, a data integration and analytics platform while enabling traders, risk managers, business analysts, and data scientists to outperform the competition with actionable market intelligence.

ZE aims to continue to grow their Data Ecosystem, turning it into a one-stop-shop for data-driven organizations from various industries including hard-to-value energy, commodities, agriculture, renewable energy, mining, and finance markets. ZE’s growth is focused on listening to their customers' wants and adding data feeds as requested. Their customer-focused approach while growing the Data Ecosystem is what sets them apart.

“Vortexa is always looking for new ways to help our clients and partners unlock value from our data and analytics. By collaborating with ZE, we can significantly accelerate the integration of Vortexa’s data with all ZEMA users and their internal systems around the world. I am excited to have ZE PowerGroup as a partner, creating the future of the energy markets with us.” said Fabio Kuhn, Founder & CEO of Vortexa.

Jason Lynd, Director of Product Management, ZE PowerGroup, stated: “ZEMA’s analytical capabilities and data ecosystem are continually expanding to meet the business needs of our clients. Partnering with Vortexa allows us to offer more value to our clients and to help them explore new ways of leveraging Energy Market data in their analytics. This partnership is in line with the ZEMA product roadmap to ensure that as we explore new data, technology, and markets, we are still able to place our customers at the forefront of innovation, without burdening them with the high cost of development.”


About ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE)

ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is an experienced software development and strategic consulting firm with its head office in Vancouver, BC. Combining industry expertise with advanced technical capabilities, ZE serves small to large-scale globally positioned clientele in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. ZE is the developer of ZEMA, an integrated data management and analytics software solution for energy and commodities markets.

ZE is the winner of the 2020 Data Breakthrough Award for Cloud Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Solution of the Year, EnergyRisk Best Data Management Firm, and was recently awarded the EnergyRiskData House of the Year Award.

About Vortexa

Vortexa tracks more than $1.8 trillion of waterborne energy flows around the world – in real-time. Leading energy trading and shipping companies use Vortexa to gain the most complete view of global energy flows available in the world today.

Vortexa’s platform provides information and analytics about global flows of crude oil, refined products, LPG, and LNG – cargo by cargo, vessel by vessel. Vortexa data is enhanced using machine learning, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise from in-house market specialists.

Founded by Fabio Kuhn, former Head of Trading Technology and Analytics at BP, who serves as CEO, and Etienne Amic, former Head of European Energy at JP Morgan and Mercuria, who acts as Chairman, they have offices in London, Singapore, and Houston.


Media Inquiries:

Emma Boyle, Senior Communications Executive
Vortexa Ltd.
Email: emma.boyle@vortexa.com
Website – www.vortexa.com
Email – info@vortexa.com

Head Office: Vortexa Ltd.
Portsoken House,
155 Minories,
London, UK

Michelle Mollineaux
ZE PowerGroup Inc.
+1 7782964189
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Kardex introduces NEW Display LED-Navigator

The Display LED-Navigator is a major upgrade that will deliver a much faster and more accurate picking process.

LED-Navigator is designed to simplify human-machine-cooperation by using advanced indicators with colour, light and written elements. It improves picking efficiency, accuracy and process reliability.”

— Dr. Volker Jungbluth

LONDON, MIDDLESEX, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the wake of Covid-19 and a move towards increased consumer purchasing online, Kardex Remstar introduces greater functionality to improve order picking performance for distributors and ecommerce suppliers who require a faster turnaround of orders.

Using LED technology, the LED-Navigator makes order picking easier and faster for new and existing customers of Kardex. Finding and selecting the right products in a warehouse has never been more important and orders now must match the speed in which the stock is required.

As the market leader in automated storage and retrieval solutions, a major component in their success has been in combining the speed of Kardex Storage solutions with the latest innovations in warehouse systems. The Display LED-Navigator is a major upgrade that will deliver a much faster and more accurate picking process.

“Our research has found that accurate and fast order picking is as important for our global customers as usability. We developed a definitive order picking solution that surpasses anything in the market today by focusing on the needs of a business and the individual operators. LED-Navigator is designed to simplify human-machine-cooperation by using advanced indicators with colour, light and written elements. It improves picking efficiency, picking accuracy, and process reliability.”  Dr. Volker Jungbluth, Head of Corporate Technology, Kardex AG

The pressure on distributors and wholesale companies is increasing exponentially, and traditional fulfilment operations are being squeezed. Global organizations such as Kardex have decades of expertise in understanding the trends in the market, so it’s no surprise that they have developed solutions to enable their customers to remain competitive in a changing market. No longer can a business rely solely on order pickers to walk along endless rows of shelving to collect, pack, ship and deliver manually whilst meeting the customer’s changing expectations.

How Display LED-Navigator works

The Kardex Shuttle will now come with a new LED panel featuring a status bar and countdown, which indicates when it’s time to pick. This enables the operator to pick at precisely the right moment. A colour navigator delivers intuitive operator guidance. With a multi-coloured display, the LED-Navigator supports various picking strategies. There is also a language customization feature for multilingual communication, which displays alphabetical languages and characters for any desired language including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

One of the main benefits experienced by Kardex customers has been improved picking accuracy. By displaying the material and order information by article number, description, measurement, storage location and order quantity, customers have seen no mispicks. Safe navigation is assured and a visual confirmation to the operator further supports the correct picking processes.

About Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar is a global company developing, manufacturing, and maintaining dynamic storage and retrieval systems. The company is a leading provider of storage systems, order picking software and life cycle services. Customers from all industries use solutions from Kardex Remstar to organize their intralogistic processes in a simpler and more transparent manner as well as to save space and cut process costs. Kardex Remstar customers come from a broad range of industries, such as automotive, electronics, chemical/pharmaceutical, retailing, mechanical engineering and health care.

Kardex Remstar has two production sites in Germany (Bellheim and Neuburg). To date, the company has successfully installed around 140,000 dynamic storage systems across the globe. With an extensive sales and dealership network, Kardex Remstar is active in over 30 countries and employs around 1,200 people worldwide. 

Debra Wilkins
Kardex Systems UK ltd
+44 1992 557237
email us here

Display LED-Navigator Animation

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Global Blockchain Insurance Market Analysis 2020 – Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2026

Latest Market Analysis Research Report on “Global Blockchain Insurance Market 2020” has been added to Wise Guy Reports database.

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global Blockchain Insurance Industry

New Industry Study On “2020-2026 Blockchain Insurance Market Global Key Player, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Forecast” Added to Wise Guy Reports Database


The Global Blockchain Insurance Market is expected to gain momentum over the projected period due to multiple factors projected to boost the growth dynamics of the Blockchain Insurance world market. The research report broadly analyses all market trends, challenges, drivers and other macro scenarios of the market that is required to improve strategic business plans to stay globally competitive. It also provides statistical data insights and highly accurate market forecast and projections to help identify new markets and opportunities for revenue growth and sustainability.

Try Sample of Global Blockchain Insurance Market @  https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/4889925-global-blockchain-insurance-market-size-status-and-forecast-2020-2026

The key players covered in this study
AXA, Blue Cross, Etherisc, Guardtime, FidentiaX, Lemonade, Teambrella, InsCoin, B3i, IBM

Key players in the Global Blockchain Insurance Market

The report also includes a more in-depth analysis of many popular manufacturers participating worldwide in the Global Blockchain Insurance Market and provides an outline of the tactics of different market leaders being followed in an effort to gain a strategic advantage above other market players. These approaches also include building new portfolios of products and expanding the reach of key players in the Global Blockchain Insurance Market through mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and partnerships.

Segment Study

The Global Blockchain Insurance Market is vast and to assess the Global Blockchain Insurance Market comprehensively, the Global Blockchain Insurance Market is study by segment. There are different parameters, such as type, and services among many others that play significant role in this market that are observed for many different issues. All insights are elaborated and substantiated in the report.

Regional Analysis

The Global Blockchain Insurance Market regional assessment spans across APAC, MEA, EU, and North America. The considerable rising rate of the market owing to different causes associated with demographic forces are reported in this report. Geographic causes and their impact are briefed the Global Blockchain Insurance Market report. South America, following LATAM are also considered for the Global Blockchain Insurance Market regional review.

Research methodology

The market research team analyzed the Global Blockchain Insurance Market by adopting Porter's Five Force Model for the projected period 2020-2026. Therefore, an in-depth SWOT analysis is conducted to allow readers to make quicker decisions about the market in Frozen Ready Meals. The Global Blockchain Insurance Market report is a compilation of first-hand information from which industry analysts conduct qualitative and quantitative evaluation according to the parameters of the Porter Five Force Model. The latest insights from industry experts and market participants are also based on a powerful global chain. The reports also provide a thorough analysis of the trends in the parent market, macroeconomic indicators, And factors regulating along with market attractiveness according to segmentation. From the other viewpoint, the Global Blockchain Insurance Market research also focuses on different levels of analysis, including business dynamics and company profile using high-growth outlook, market factors, constraints, challenges and opportunities.

Report covers:

Comprehensive research methodology of Global Blockchain Insurance Market.
This report also includes detailed and extensive market overview with gap analysis, historical analysis & key analyst insights.
An exhaustive analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the Global Blockchain Insurance Market.
Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the Global Blockchain Insurance Market.
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues
Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players

For any query @  https://www.wiseguyreports.com/enquiry/4889925-global-blockchain-insurance-market-size-status-and-forecast-2020-2026

Some points from table of content:

1 Report Overview
2 Global Growth Trends by Regions
3 Competition Landscape by Key Players
4 Breakdown Data by Type (2015-2026)
5 Blockchain Insurance Breakdown Data by Application (2015-2026)
6 North America
7 Europe
8 China
9 Japan
10 Southeast Asia
11 India
12 Central & South America
13Key Players Profiles
13.1 AXA
13.1.1 AXA Company Details
13.1.2 AXA Business Overview and Its Total Revenue
13.1.3 AXA Blockchain Insurance Introduction
13.1.4 AXA Revenue in Blockchain Insurance Business (2015-2020))
13.1.5 AXA Recent Development
13.2 Blue Cross
13.2.1 Blue Cross Company Details
13.2.2 Blue Cross Business Overview and Its Total Revenue
13.2.3 Blue Cross Blockchain Insurance Introduction
13.2.4 Blue Cross Revenue in Blockchain Insurance Business (2015-2020)
13.2.5 Blue Cross Recent Development
13.3 Etherisc
13.3.1 Etherisc Company Details
13.3.2 Etherisc Business Overview and Its Total Revenue
13.3.3 Etherisc Blockchain Insurance Introduction
13.3.4 Etherisc Revenue in Blockchain Insurance Business (2015-2020)
13.3.5 Etherisc Recent Development
13.4 Guardtime
13.4.1 Guardtime Company Details
13.4.2 Guardtime Business Overview and Its Total Revenue
13.4.3 Guardtime Blockchain Insurance Introduction
13.4.4 Guardtime Revenue in Blockchain Insurance Business (2015-2020)
13.4.5 Guardtime Recent Development
13.5 FidentiaX
13.6 Lemonade
13.7 Teambrella
13.8 InsCoin
13.9 B3i
13.10 IBM
14Analyst’s Viewpoints/Conclusions

For more information or any query mail at sales@wiseguyreports.com

Norah Trent
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'fsma SaaS' launches source digitalization platform with guaranteed ongoing FSMA Compliance

On-going FSMA Compliance

Food Supply Chain

fsma SaaS Digitalization Management

fsma SaaS role in McKinsey Digitalization Eco-system


Ongoing FSMA Compliance Digitalization

towards alleviating supply chain complexities

We have an increasingly complex supply chain and regulatory landscape”

— United Natural Produce Alliance (UNPA) President Loren Israelsen

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ‘fsma SaaS’ announces the launch of its Single Management System. A multi-discipline, multi-organizational digitalization platform for the food industry, guaranteeing ongoing regulatory compliance, while simultaneously addressing the complexities of the supply chain.

Although the 2006 Supply Chain Complexity Study was completed, complexity remains. "We have an increasingly complex supply chain and regulatory landscape,” United Natural Produce Alliance (UNPA) President Loren Israelsen said. “Both domestic and foreign suppliers are often not equipped to meet the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) record-keeping requirements, and the industry is suffering from certifier audit fatigue’

According to Knowledge Brief Manage "[Supply chain], complexity does not mean complicated, but rather it describes a condition of inter-connectedness and inter-dependencies across a network where a change in one element can have an effect on other elements (Christopher)".

‘fsma SaaS’ in 2020 offers a solution through on-going guaranteed FSMA compliance on its digitalized single management system platform, which incorporates the supply chain. The UNPA and others in the food supply chain have an opportunity to digitize their documentation at the source for integration with their supply chain.
It is the opinion of experts that digitalization serves as the basis for addressing supply chain complexities. The format of ‘fsma SaaS’, commences the digitalization for alleviating supply chain complexities, through seamless real-time access to the source. We explore the digitalization recommendations of three well-recognized experts for aligning our technology offering.

Expert inputs
Rob Barrett (KMPG 2020) recommends situational assessment for organizations. Tarun Sondhi (KPMG 2020) believes that a rethink of supply chains is necessary. He stated that COVID merely exposes supply chain existing fault lines. He identified three areas to be addressed for improving supply chains.
• A determination of risk
• Predictability tools
• Digitization

McKinsey (Scott McArthur, Ali Sankur, Ketan Shah, and Vedang Singh 2020) argued ‘that understanding the importance of the human factor presents an opportunity for companies pursuing technology-enabled supply-chain improvements. Digital approaches that work with people, rather than around or against them, tend to achieve more impact while proving easier to implement and more sustainable over time. Such approaches work by improving access to information, streamlining decision-making, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration and trust.

Gartner states Multi-enterprise Supply Chain Business Networks must include capabilities in the following six categories:
1. Industry-leading network connectivity
2. Visibility foundation
3. Universal cross-domain apps
4. Core supply chain apps
5. Collaboration
6. Intelligence
The expert insights of KPMG, McKinsey, and Gartner inform of the desired management features for end-to-end food supply chains. 'fsma SaaS' manages source disciplines, (9 in 1 functions) with ongoing FSMA compliance interconnecting with the supply chain on a Single Management System.

Operationalization of the Digitalization Strategy
A digitalization strategy with embedded ISO management system characteristics is adopted to operationalize the described features for control.
Operationalization starts with evaluating the risk. The outcome is preventive controls which enable predictability. The cross-functional collaboration/cross-domain is ‘fsma SaaS’s’ Single Management System (9 in 1 program), which digitizes McKinsey’s Management Infrastructure. Supplier disciplines silo barriers disappear, as risk cannot be confined to a discipline. Interconnectedness for the supply chain is via the cloud for visibility and traceability. The management system activities format the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Digitization actualizes the mechanics of the system and enables efficiency and effectiveness measurements for driving improvements.

‘fsma SaaS’ in the McKinsey digitalization ecosystem
‘fsma SaaS’ is superimposed on the McKinsey Supply Chain 4.0 image, its native apps on the Ipad, demonstrate its capability, in the following ways.
• Manage process risk with real-time verification of records for all operational disciplines for product/ lot downstream verification.
• End to End Supply Chain visibility and traceability of production process and succeeding logistics and storage records to the endpoint destination.
• On-going guaranteed FSMA compliance with the same document format from all suppliers for the receiving facilities.
• Receiving facilities have access to a centralized supplier digital dashboard of only their registered suppliers
• Suppliers have rapid operation food change with only a lot change update through process cloning
• Digital product bar code input into the production for error-proofing (Manual input Optional)
• Production planning with a scheduling change capability
• The FSMA PCQI enabled by Management by Exception for Management Standard conformity, FSMA compliance, and GFSI acceptance
• DOT service scheduling with mileage/ km alerts for vehicle inspections to enhance availability and reliability
• Supply Chain product inventory records
• Real-time corrective actions are triggered for production or postproduction for non-conforming planned activities, with alerts for operational or delivery scheduling adjustments

The ‘fsma SaaS’ error-proofing controls, with guaranteed FSMA compliance connect to the supply chain. Digitalization at the source provides the interconnectedness, demonstrating the interdependence between the source and the supply chain. UNPA is provided with the digitalization tools for a holistic solution to the management of the food safety FSMA compliance and supply chain complexities.

The supply chain digitalization criteria as defined by the experts are met by ‘fsma SaaS’ for the food industry.

Contact Jeffrey Lewis PCQI Director ‘fsma SaaS’ (jeffrey@fsmafoodsafety.com) at fsmafoodsafety.com for the digitalization of FSMA compliance and the Supply Chain for more information and demo.

Jeffrey Lewis
fsma SaaS
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Source Digitalization

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Tesla NanoCoatings Issued Two Malaysian Patents in 2020

The Company’s Disruptive Technology Gaining Global Acceptance

Our customers in the North America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe are very supportive and are encouraged by our R&D programs”

— Todd Hawkins, President and Founder

MASSILLON, OHIO, US, September 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tesla NanoCoatings Inc. announces the issuance of two new patents which relate to functionalizing and tuning nanomaterials. The company has been awarded four new patents in 2020 adding to its long list of patented innovation. With a universal lead in the field on nanocoating technology, Tesla NanoCoatings remains committed to a strong research and development effort.

The company further strengthened its already impressive intellectual property portfolio with the addition of the patents. The company’s disruptive carbon nanotechnology is radically changing the standard for protective coatings. These patents permit Tesla NanoCoatings to protect its advanced carbon nanotechnology globally.

Tesla NanoCoatings Chief Nanoscientist and Inventor, Dr. Jorma Virtanen, stated, “These new patents will enable us to improve our coatings to deliver even greater life expectancy and more durability in a safer environment while delivering significant reduction to CAPEX and OPEX expenditures for our customers.”

“In spite of our universal lead in the field of nanocoatings, we remain committed to a strong research and development effort,” stated Todd Hawkins, President and CEO.

Companies and organizations all over the world contact Tesla NanoCoatings to solve their most extreme corrosion problems. CEO Hawkins further added, “Our intellectual property portfolio allows us to make advancements in our coatings that address severe corrosion problems.”

“Our customers in the North America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe are very supportive and are encouraged by our R&D programs,” said Hawkins.


1. TUNABLE MATERIALS, Malaysia MY-173523-A, Granted 2020-01-31
2. FUNCTIONALIZED GRAPHITIC MATERIALS, Malaysia MY-175860-A, Granted 2020-07-14

About Tesla NanoCoatings
Tesla NanoCoatings, Inc. (www.teslanano.com ) is a technology company based in Massillon, Ohio. The company’s product line is Teslan®, a highly effective corrosion control coatings for structural steel utilizing carbon nanotubes, which self-assemble into rope structures, making them highly conductive, tough and flexible.

# # #

For more information:
Joe Barone, Vice President, Marketing
Tesla NanoCoatings Inc.
PO Box 1097
Massillon, Ohio 44648
Mobile: 610-764-1232
Email: Joseph.Barone@teslanano.com

Joseph Barone
Tesla NanoCoatings
+1 610-764-1232
email us here

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Pharma Packaging Solutions – Celebrating 25 Years of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharma Packaging Team

low relative humidity packaging

Low Relative Humidity Suite

Pharma Packaging Solutions – Working To Be The Most Agile and Compliant in Pharmaceutical Packaging For 25 Years

The new goal is to be the most agile and compliant healthcare packager in the word.”

— Kathy Spratt

CLINTON, TN, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pharma Packaging Solutions is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the origins of this industry-leading manufacturer go back to 1995 when Carton Service, a printed folding carton company in Shelby, Ohio, made a strategic decision to expand operations in East Tennessee. Because Carton Service was already working with so many pharmaceutical companies to produce custom printed folding cartons, the company thought they could comfortably expand capabilities to include even more types of pharmaceutical packaging. It was not long before the new division was named Pharma Packaging Solutions and they were producing blister packaging, bottling, vial labelling and relabelling and secondary packaging like kitting and cartoning.

With a recent move (in 2015) to a 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Pharma Packaging Solutions is able to serve the high demands of the industry, while also maintaining high levels of quality and safety. From blister packaging to heat-sealed carding, we have the manufacturing capabilities and product selection to meet the specific needs of almost any pharmaceutical company. Each year of the past decade has brought expanded capacity and capabilities to this facility. Most notably, a low humidity primary packaging suite, which holds 3% humidity at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, was added in 2016. As serialization and aggregations deadlines loomed. Pharma Packaging Solutions added equipment to their primary and secondary lines.

The new goal is to be the most agile and compliant healthcare packager in the word. More equipment is being added to accomplish this.

About Pharma Packaging Solutions
Pharma Packaging Solutions (PPS) is a turn-key contract packager offering bottling, blister packaging, folding carton production, kitting, as well as vial/ampule and parenteral labeling. Serving Rx, OTC, generic and private label pharmaceutical companies, PPS can meet special requirements like low relative humidity packaging specifications, Rest-of-World (RoW) packaging and Brite Stock labeling. PPS is located very near major 3PL’s and distributors. Compliant with the FDA, DEA, Anvisa and MHRA, PPS employs rigorous QA processes and cGMP quality systems and is serialization/aggregation ready and GDUFA compliant.

Kathy Spratt
Pharma Packaging Solutions
email us here
+1 800-533-7744

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