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An exploration into what is going on inside the emergency testing tents during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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TRENTON, NJ, US, May 12, 2020 / — Seeing tents in front of hospitals or in once public places meant for recreation may be a scary sight for all of us just riding out this pandemic. These emergency tents may not look like much but they are actually vital to the fight against COVID-19. Medical tents have become a strong strategy to treat and prevent the spread of the pandemic. So, you might be wondering, why tents? What is its purpose? How are the tents being used and what happens inside them?

The point of emergency tents is to organize and identify patients before they enter the hospital. By testing and sorting everyone without entering the actual hospital prevents the virus from spread to those who are very vulnerable inside. Those suspected of COVID-19 can be tested and from there it can be decided if they need to isolate at home or get more extensive treatment inside. These medical tents help prevent the virus from spreading and from overwhelming the hospital itself.

Why tents? Tents are fast to set up but also durable to stay up for long periods of time. Also, tents are easier to disinfect than an entire building. It creates a space, out of the elements, to test and treat without overfilling the hospital itself and thus making the hospital a hotbed for spreading the virus. The only people going to these tents are those with a high chance of having coronavirus and medical professionals in protective gear. So unless you’ve done a phone screening and have been directed to go to these testing tents, it's best to continue to stay at home.

Some tents are merely for testing safely and conveniently. In some places where the outbreak hit hard, tents have also been set up to become treatment centers. Treatment tents, like a building, can have floors and can be heated or air-conditioned for the comfort of those inside. They truly are like pop-up buildings! Some tents are made to be like doctor’s offices, patients who need treatment of something like a sprained ankle might be treated there rather than in the hospital where the severe cases of corona are. Other tents are set up to house patients with cases of COVID-19 that aren’t mild enough to be sent home.

This has helped medical professionals from helping people quickly and effectively. With a good system in place and tents ready doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel can process on average 15 patients (that could have normally gone to the ER) in an hour. Pharmacies have also teamed up to help provide fast treatment in these medical tents. So what goes on in these tents? The same that would happen in the hospital, except the treatment room looks different than usual and your medical professionals are more dressed than normal.

It’s easy to forget how mundane things can actually be incredibly useful in times of need. Much like many jobs that used to be taken for granted, tents have stepped up to the challenge to aid in fighting COVID-19. When things start to go back to normal and everyone can leave isolation, then these tents will proudly go down and get ready for the next job – a party, a wedding, a festival, or event and celebrate beating coronavirus.

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