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Gary T Saykaly, SVP, Trucking & Freight Derivatives, Lakefront Futures & Options

Risk Hedging Group Focused on the Trucking & Freight Shipping Sector Launched

Lakefront Futures & Options will provide qualified commercial users – shippers, carriers, 3PLs – one on one customized private educational webinars and complimentary risk exposure assessments”

— Gary T Saykaly, Senior Vice President, Trucking & Freight Derivatives

Risk Hedging Group Focused on the Trucking & Freight Shipping Sector Launched

Chicago, IL: Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC announces that Gary T Saykaly has joined Lakefront Futures and Options, LLC as a Senior Vice President to manage their derivatives platform focused on the trucking and freight shipping sector.

Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC has created a derivatives group that will focus on the trucking and freight shipping sector in the United States. The group will be managed by logistics and freight brokerage veteran Gary T. Saykaly and will focus on helping shippers, trucking carriers and 3PLs mitigate volatility risk in two primary areas of risk that have a significant impact to shipper transportation costs and trucking carrier revenues – trucking rates and fuel costs. The group will also work with opportunistic investors such as private equity firms that are looking for speculation and/or arbitrage opportunities in an alternative asset class.

“The trucking and freight sector is currently going through a paradigm shift with the digitization of the industry and the launching of both a trucking forward and futures market. We are now in a 3-dimensional trucking market – spot, forward and futures – and the optimal execution strategies for market participants might be engineered via a combination of solutions in all 3 markets.” According to Gary T Saykaly, SVP of Lakefront’s Trucking & Freight Derivatives Group. “The trucking sector is a $750 billion industry that is relatively unhedged. With trucking rates and fuel costs remaining volatile, market participants need an effective risk management strategy which derivatives can provide if properly structured.”

Key Benefits to Shippers, Trucking Carriers, 3PLs, and Opportunistic Investors

• Shippers: Reduced trucking rate volatility risk and transportation costs; improved supply chain planning
• Trucking Carriers: Reduced trucking rate and fuel cost volatility risk; enhanced revenues; improved cash flow forecasting & budgeting
• 3PLs: Reduced trucking rate volatility risk & transportation costs; enhanced revenues
• Opportunistic Investors: Alternative asset class providing speculation and arbitrage opportunities

For more information on Lakefront’s Trucking & Freight Derivatives Group please contact us. To help market participants learn more about the applications for their specific company, Lakefront is hosting customized educational webinars for shippers, trucking carriers and 3PLs around the country.

About Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC: Lakefront Futures and Options is an established derivatives brokerage company headquartered in Chicago, IL with 15 branch offices located throughout the country, that specializes in hedging, speculation and managed futures. Lakefront’s Trucking Derivatives Group provides shippers, carriers and 3PLs with hedging and profiting solutions via trucking rate futures, forward contracts, fuel derivatives and the DJ Transportation Index.

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