New Art Exhibition at the Oyster Point Gallery in Red Bank, NJ

About Face Value Art Exhibition

The Oyster Point Gallery in Red Bank, NJ is hosting a new art exhibition of works by eighteen talented New Jersey artists, titled “About Face Value.”

NEW YORK, NY, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 6, 2019 / — The Oyster Point Gallery in Red Bank, NJ is currently hosting an amazing exhibition of works by eighteen talented New Jersey artists working in various media. The exhibition, which is titled “About Face Value,” is dedicated to the exploration of the human faces, their diversity and versatility. It is on view at the Oyster Point Gallery through May 5, 2019. Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!

Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company operating all over the United States. We ship fine art for artists, galleries, museums, auction houses, cultural centers, public institutions, seasoned collectors, and all those who love and appreciate art in any of its forms. At Fine Art Shippers, we also offer an array of other fine art services, including art advisory and consultation. We can guide on art acquisitions, help with art authentication and appraisal, make arrangements for site-specific commissioned artworks, procure art, and do many other things for our clients. Fine Art Shippers also specializes in contemporary art and works by emerging and young artists, and we highly recommend that you pay your attention to “About Face Value,” a unique art exhibition that is currently on view at the Oyster Point Gallery in Red Bank, NJ.

The Oyster Point Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the beautiful Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, NJ. Focused on the work of New Jersey artists only, it offers serious collectors and connoisseurs an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality art at a reasonable price. The gallery hosts a new exhibition every two months, introducing to the public a variety of art pieces by local artists. “About Face Value” is no exception. This exhibition, which is curated by Ellen Martin, features artworks by eighteen New Jersey artists working in painting, photography, graphite, wall sculpture, Adobe Illustrator graphics, and other media.

Among the highlights of “About Face Value” exhibition are works by the Spanish-born artist José Fontaiña, who creates absolutely amazing abstract paintings inspired by geometric shapes and forms. You should also pay your attention to the works by Pat Hutchinson, Sharon Sayegh, and Kortez Robinson, as well as to the wonderful photographs by Diana P. Lang and Michael S. Miller. Overall, “About Face Value” features an impressive selection of artworks for any taste and style. If you are looking for something outstanding and unique for your private collection, home, or office, you should definitely visit this incredibly interesting, thoughtful, and a bit provocative art exhibition at the Oyster Point Gallery! Highly recommended by Fine Art Shippers!

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Source: EIN Presswire