Supply Chain Management at the University of Management and Technology

2018 UMT Graduates

2018 UMT Graduates

Supply Chain Management

2018 Graduates Celebration

2018 Graduates Celebration

UMT’s supply chain management MBA concentration gets students up to speed in a hot, high-paying, high-demand area

As Amazon shows, mastery of Supply Chain Management can make the difference between great success, middling performance, or bankruptcy.”

— J. Davidson Frame, UMT Academic Dean

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, February 5, 2019 / — There is no argument why is a smashing success. Need a specialty screw driver? Amazon’s got it and can put it in your hands in one or two days, with free shipping. Really want a small bonsai tree? Amazon’s got it. Groceries? Go to Amazon. It is no accident that Amazon is called “the everything store.” Unhappy with an item you receive? Return it with no questions asked. Got a defective product? Contact Amazon and get a replacement in one or two days. Want good pricing? For most items, Amazon is the cheapest guy in town.

What is Amazon’s secret sauce? A key ingredient goes by the humdrum name, supply chain management (SCM). All businesses deal with supply chains, and as Amazon shows, mastery of SCM can make the difference between great success, middling performance, or bankruptcy. A company’s supply chain runs the gamut from “upstream” sources of the supplies of goods and services a company needs in order to function to “downstream” distribution of its own goods and services to customers.

In Amazon’s case, it has established relations with hundreds of thousands of vendors who agree to fill orders from Amazon at lightning speed. It has made arrangements where many of its vendors pack and ship their products to customers via express delivery within moments of receiving an order. It also has hundreds of warehouses that maintain inventory of hot items that it can deliver quickly, sometimes with same-day service. And much more. All this effort is coordinated through Amazon’s SCM processes and technology.

The University of Management and Technology has recently launched an SCM concentration under its MBA program. As an MBA degree, it offers students key knowledge and skills in good business practice, from marketing to finance to leadership. The SCM concentration courses cover the full range of skills needed to manage a business’s supply chain, including SCM principles, strategic sourcing, contracting, and risk management. The degree is offered online. It is super-flexible: students study at their own pace and can register at any time. And it is affordable – the state of Virginia just ranked UMT’s tuition as the #1 most affordable out-of-state tuition school in the entire state (

Does it make sense to pursue a career in SCM? Absolutely! According to the US Department of Labor, the median pay level for the supply chain managers was $74,590 in May 2017, and the job outlook will grow 7% annually in the next decade (source: Remember: All organizations must manage their supply chain. The demand is there for people with the right knowledge and skills.

One last word: Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world … he built his fortune by reinventing SCM.
For more information on UMT's SCM program, click here.

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