World's First Digital Shipping Company to be Announced in Nor-Shipping 2019

Competition rises as shipping container IoT visionary Loginno promises to turn one lucky shipping company into the world's first 100% digital shipping company.

This is going to change everything: how we ship, how we do border protection, how we insure cargo, how me manage inventory. Everything.”

— Shachar Tal, Loginno Founder

OSLO, OSLO, NORWAY, February 1, 2019 / — Led by Loginno and other shipping industry leaders, The Contopia Factor ("TCF") is all about which shipping company will have its entire shipping container fleet converted to smart containers, and be propelled to the forefront of global logistic innovation as the world's first fully digital shipping company.

With quite a few applicants in the competition already, Loginno co-founder Amit Aflalo expects a "fair sized 2-digit number of them by end of February. So far, applicants hail mostly from Europe and the Americas, with a surprisingly low participation rate by Asian companies. We estimate the continental ratio will stay the same and even increase, as European Nor-Shipping steps in".

Today (Friday) Loginno announced that the winner of the competition will be unveiled on June 4th, during Nor-Shipping, the biggest shipping industry event of 2019, in Oslo, Norway.

Loginno will also lead a "Blue Economy" panel discussion, on how IoT is changing the shipping industry for the better, with a focus on its global Contopia (Container Utopia) plan.

Loginno's audacious Contopia plan is already receiving high praise from major shipping publications, corporate innovators like Marlink and Cargotec, and governmental authorities like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Now, joining forces with Nor-Shipping, Loginno hopes that after the year's end, Contopia will be a household name in the shipping industry, "and rightly so" says Shachar Tal, Loginno co-founder, "because it is going to change everything: how we ship, how we do border protection, how we insure cargo, how me manage inventory. Everything.".

Tal's strong remark hints at the growing number of Contopia use cases to be executed with the competition winner, already piling up by industry leaders. These include the onboarding of scale-less weight measurement, SOLAS VGM compliant (for which the Israeli Innovation Authority announced last week that it will fund a pilot by Loginno), the development of a "Cyber Seal" certificate to replace a container's physical seal, as well as use cases in operational optimization, supply chain management, smart cargo insurance and frictionless country borders.

Small to mid-sized shipping companies who wish to participate in The Contopia Factor must do so before the end of February 2019, after which a shortlist of applicants will be selected, from which the first digital shipping company will be selected.

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Shachar Tal, Loginno Founder, talks about the vision of Contopia

Source: EIN Presswire