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COLOMBO, WESTERN, SRI LANKA, January 28, 2019 / — According to PPC Hero Comparison-shopping engines have seen some major growth in the past few years due to the fact that they are able to amplify ecommerce transactions. In 2012 alone, CSE traffic increased by 56% and resulted in ecommerce revenues of over $1 trillion. Shoppers spend a lot of time online to research and compare the products they want. 94% of online shoppers are also investing time in finding the best-priced product before they finalize a purchase.

Shopping comparison websites compares prices across a wide range of consumer products such as electronics, fashion and sport equipment. Often known for providing side-by-side comparisons of product features and prices and even shipping. Shopping Comparison Websites have created a big impact to the E-commerce industry. The concept has been around since 1995, and become a trending method for smart E-commerce buyers to use. But the major issue on International price comparison websites were that, in spite of the comparisons, shipping cost and shipping unavailability has been an issue. Ravidu Mario Weerakoon saw an opportunity to streamline the online shopping experience, and he seized it.

This is where plugs in, it connects and compares major E-commerce vendors around the world with a single solution to ship. It is the first in Sri Lanka to provide international comparisons while it has a large product range of 11,000 which is intended to grow over the next few months.

While large and small firms are also featured on price comparison websites. In many ways, this levels the playing field, allowing smaller retailers to compete. The 21 year old though recognized the largest criticism for online shoppers, international shipping. The cost of shipping can be often cost prohibitive, this is where Weerakoon’s vision and knowledge came in, developing the first of its kind – an integrated price comparison and cross border shipping site, Surf2Ship.

For many people online shopping is part of their daily lives, many people spend hours on the internet purchasing the most basic needs from groceries to clothes and in some cases even larger products like vehicles and jewelry. Price comparison and shipping can be two of the largest obstacles one faces in feeling confident making purchases online. Weerakoon saw this obstacle as a challenge, using his extensive knowledge and connections to create a site which allows consumers to log on, compare prices and coordinate shipping ensuring the lowest prices and ease of use, all with confidence. Making things even easier for the consumer all of the complicated cross border logistics are handled through Surf2Ship.

Think of it more like a combination of Aramex Shop and Ship with Google Shopping. An all in one platform that can ship any product while comparing it. The best part of Surf2Ship is that it has its own support system for customers to inquire compared to many international platforms that do not provide such a service.

Comparing prices from over 70+ international commerce sites, Ravidu said that the ability to compare prices and have products shipped to a consumers doorsteps using one single integrated platform, has never been offered before, this is a first of its kind service. When asked how he came up with this innovative idea, Weerakoon said “I have been working in the logistics industry for the past three years, but my wheelhouse really is innovation, and I work quite a bit in the e-commerce world, as a result this seems like a natural fit. In my role I would hear from consumers how important their time is, and how online shopping in some ways makes it harder to know if you are getting the best price. I saw this as an opportunity to provide consumers with the best possible time and money saving services. Even though each service has been offered separately before, this is the first time both have been integrated into one platform.”

Surf2Ship is managed by Connect Lanka E-commerce Services, a subsidiary of Dart Global Logistics.

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Source: EIN Presswire