Matthew Telesca of MGN Logistics using logistical Business Intelligence changes how companies ship and receive freight

Matthew Telesca Flagler

Matthew Telesca

“At MGN Logistics, we help companies transform data to grow their business using Business Intelligence.” – Matthew Telesca, President and CEO, MGN Logistics.

EASTON, PENNSLYVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2018 / — First appearing in the field of finance and mathematics, Business Intelligence, found traction in the idea that if companies could collect and react accordingly based on the smart gathering of information, they could be positioned for ultimate growth that is maintainable over time.

With decades of experience in the field of Business Intelligence, MGN Logistics aids companies through analytical freight management by using a suitable and cost-effective software solution system to help them get a more reliable freight management experience. Business Intelligence allows this to be a seamless experience. Companies are able to turn data into viable, meaningful information, this capability is where MGN draws the line between standard reporting and Business Intelligence.

"Companies should see technology as a tool to help them achieve ultimate success, which is why it's truly important to utilize Business Intelligence." – Matthew Telesca

“Business Intelligence today, evolved from companies wanting to understand the data they were receiving,” explained Telesca, “MGN, through Business Intelligence, changes how businesses interact with their data and thus what decisions are made regarding their entire supply chain.”

Companies today are spending significant amounts of money on social media, software and product upgrades, without a clear indication on how it can lead to growth. Business Intelligence encompasses what companies use for data analysis, and how this information is gathered. Business Intelligence harnesses the power of data and technology, so companies can make future-forward decisions smartly without feeling as if they are wasting time, money, or resources.

“Because of our use of Business Intelligence, MGN is able to transform raw informative data into meaningful, practical and useful information for analytical purposes. Business Intelligence can handle massive quantities of unstructured data so you can identify, develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities.” -Matthew Telesca.

Good Business Intelligence also allows for the simple understanding of complex data and algorithms. At MGN, helping companies understand and utilize this data is a top priority and their Business Intelligence software makes data interpretable. It provides companies with the power to know exactly what they need to create winning strategies each quarter with a Return on Investment (ROI) almost immediately when implemented. When used properly, it can yield profound results.

Managing data can take years to understand, and even longer to properly assess and process. MGN Logistics is proud to present businesses with a smarter, more intelligent software to manage, mine, interpret and preserve the data received.

“Implementing our Business Intelligence software can change how companies process buying and retaining freight and supply chain service, and MGN can help these businesses drive further efficiencies.” -Matthew Telesca

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