Blockchain-Powered Platform 'Envoy' To Solve Trade Finance Challenges

‘Trade Envoy’: Co-Founder & CEO, Lee Tarone

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Envoy is harnessing the full power of blockchain and AI technology to transform a sector that, for too long, has accepted inefficiencies. This is nothing short of a revolution in trade finance”

— Envoy CEO, Me. Lee Tarone

LONDON , UK, October 4, 2018 / — ENVOY, the decentralized trade finance marketplace, has announced details of its token sale ahead of the launch of a ground-breaking new platform that will reinvent global trade finance.

The Envoy platform will provide a new approach to trade finance, the beating heart of global commerce, and deliver solutions to create new efficiencies within the multi-billion-dollar sector.

By powering its trade finance marketplace with blockchain technology, Envoy will create an interoperable marketplace that brings together otherwise siloed systems from around the world.

Already backed by major City of London investors and with an upcoming Initial Coin Offering, the new Envoy marketplace and accompanying virtual currency (NVOY) will simplify the supply chain and transform the way businesses and investors interact.

Speaking to the CryptoTimes of London, Envoy founder and CEO Lee Tarone said: "We are now in the private sale phase of the Envoy launch and our token sale will be taking place in November. The Envoy platform is a disruptive force that will completely transform the possibilities for funds, investors and SMEs across global trade finance.

"The marketplace platform will speed trade flow, decrease friction, increase trade itself, and help businesses achieve faster turnover, reduce fraud and increase transparency. Envoy is harnessing the full power of blockchain and AI technology to transform a sector that, for too long, has accepted inefficiencies. This is nothing short of a revolution in global trade finance," Tarone said.

The Envoy team includes City of London heavyweight William Tebbit, son of former UK Government Minister Lord Tebbit, who was Chairman of the Conservative Party in Britain during the mid-1980s. Barrister-At-Law and blockchain specialist Mr. James McDonald, B.L., also forms part of the advisory panel, whilst a London-based serial entrepreneur and OBE will be announced as a chief advisor shortly.

The Envoy platform will tackle many of the problems facing trade finance, including slow and inaccurate manual documentation, invoicing fraud, antiquated paper ledgers and unmet demand. Envoy will tackle these issues by providing tokenized access to trade finance, improving transparency, facilitating trustless transactions and digitizing the data process.

The private sale will begin in November 2018, with the public pre-sale in November and the public sale in December. Early investors will be eligible for discounts of up to 30 percent. The money raised in the token sale, which has a soft cap of 6,000 Ethereum and a hard cap of 60,000 Ethereum, will be used to build out the Envoy marketplace platform.

The token, NVOY, will unlock previously unavailable liquidity, empower SMEs across less developed nations, eliminate affiliate banking and break down traditional barriers between buyers and sellers. The team will bring the best-in-class disruptive trade finance managers together with blockchain experts to help develop a cutting-edge marketplace platform to secure new funds. Token holder use-case companies, such as private equity firm Prometheus Partners, will also buy tokens to use on the platform.

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FRICTIONLESS TRADE: Blockchain-powered Envoy is about to change Trade Finance forever

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